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  1. You know the granite maul spec? imagine the granite mace spec? Granite mace spec stands to maul spec as dds stands to claws?
  2. (forgot my password on pirate_felix, am trying to get it back)
  3. My tries: (bout 65kb) (133kb) (forgot my password on pirate_felix, am trying to get it back)
  4. PinkPirate


    I forgot my password of my tif account: "pirate_felix" can some admin pm it to me on this account/send it to my email? I knew this'd happen someday, i always auto login, and i removed my cache's and stuff like that now :(.
  5. If this is true I fear shes on her own, we have failed in our duty, start the punishment...
  6. PinkPirate

    A noob design

    No it isn't. Seriously now? :roll: Yes please, torrent or not
  7. I don't really like the white corners, just make them plain black?
  8. i wurshippin joo Why thank you, grass hopper. Maybe one day if you strive, you can be as great as I am, and achieve the status and reputation that I have accomplished. Eye arr padawan 8-)
  9. Where? :o I wanna see! 'Lots of new stuff (in general)' on the gallery
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