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  1. Dang. Nice job CK, you really pulled out the good stuff for this one.
  2. I haven't bound for so long it was crazy, I kept clicking entangle and wondering why nothing was happening.
  3. Resilience vs Corrupted Knights We got off to a fantastic start, with a super fast kill while their pile tanked. By the time the middle of the fight had come, we were well into the lead going 3 kills for every 1 of theirs. They brought it back a little at the end of the fight, probably with constant 15% piles but we were still waay too far ahead for any hope of them catching us. Overall it was a great performance, good work Resilience. Res Starting people: 17 CK starting people: 21 Res ending people: 16 CK ending people: 19 Extra pics:
  4. 27 kills 3 deaths, was pretty good stuff.
  5. (00:19:29) <+Horatio> !clan ragedrop (00:19:30) -[GF]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN ]: Ragedrop is in 4 clans. | Clans: Divine Kings Ending List, Tempted Killers, Ascension, Boy Toys | URL: http://runehead.com/clans/search.php?search=Ragedrop (00:20:43) <+Horatio> !clan legend umer (00:20:44) -[GF]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN ]: Legend Umer is in 2 clans. | Clans: Divine Kings Ending List, Boy Toys | URL: http://runehead.com/clans/search.php?search=Legend%A0Umer (00:26:04) <+Horatio> !clan hi im snooki (00:26:04) -[GF]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN ]: Hi Im Snooki was not found in the RSHSC. You mean the fight that Exo wrecked them for 7 out of the 8 hours and then called it off once they called DF to get on their spares? I'm sorry.. 27 kills 3 deaths?
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