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  1. One word. No. I just do not believe that it is possible.
  2. Intro: [yt]TheV9eBTT3Q[/yt] Middle: [yt]D4H1cGocRsA[/yt] End: [yt]hTdhXxxWREo[/yt]
  3. Snowi


    Get the CARBON fragrance from Next. Only about £5 and it's nice.
  4. Does it really have that option? I would think that's bad entertainment. A family of five will have food on the table for dinner. That's all that matters. I'm sorry, but that is just wrong. Especially after all that.
  5. Nab, no kids. Anyway, the first one (smashed head) is fake.
  6. Used to have a friend called Bum Crumb.
  7. Just upload it to Blip TV or similar, if you want to avoid YouTube.
  8. That IS true, my computer's GeForce 5600 Ultra is mediocre and cheap but it owns my laptop's integrated graphics by a mile.
  9. Yeah. That kind of abuse sickens me. Sorry, but I hope they get locked up for that. Back on topic, use one of those random strings. He has a point.
  10. From what you've told us you should have no problem. I can run it from about a fifth of those specs easily.
  11. Please remove that link. Its bad enough linking to one in the first place, but one that is classed as malware and doesnt allow you to close it, GTFO. And THAT is why I click suspicious links on my iPod. :D
  12. Haha! I love it when scammers/hackers fail like that... :P
  13. Unlucky for them... They should have had their scanners on. :/
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