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  1. My friend is looking for things to camp at for money and I figured I would do it a little bit with him so he's not bored out of his mind.

    Now I know things like aviansies and dragons and stuff.

    Any other monsters that are good for money making when camped at?

    It's been a long time since i've played so I have forgotten a lot haha.




  2. I think I may be coming back to RS.

    I luckily sold all of my items(big items, not absolutely everything) and so I have my cashpile.

    Has anything really changed in the last 6 months that I should know about when buying armor/weapons/etc back?

    All I do is slay pretty much and I do some bossing aswell.


    If you can, please point me in the right direction if needed.



    Bee :thumbsup:

  3. So, I think i'm back to rs. Should have mems tomorrow or so.

    I sold most of my bank before I left. Thank God.

    I have 74m cash and need to buy armor and stuff back.

    I was planning on just buying Bandos, full verac, karil top/bottom, fury, and a whip.

    I mostly just slay with occasional mhing in there.

    Anything in there I really don't need to buy, maybe spend the money on herb?

    Haven't played in 4-5 months so and new tips will be grateful.



  4. [hide]

    Did some slayer last night (4k from 91 slayer now)

    11th whip since 85 slayer.



    Then I got this:



    Then I borrowed some tassets about an hour ago and decided I'd do some solo bandos. First trip, first kill:



    Thanks for the walk in Tassets. Now I just need boots and a hilt and I'll have soloed all the bandos drops. Should I keep these tassies to slay with, or sell them and buy back my fury or put it all into raising prayer?



    O lol, you were the one in edge who got those. I was the one who gratz'd you :thumbup: .

  5. F2p Fog matchmaking ftw :D I literally just teleported to the middle and let him attack me I'm lvl 125 he was 53 lol




    That's a terrible droprate for 1k mage kills, right?


    It's not that bad I'd estimate about a 125 drop rate for boots so 8 boots would have been average...definatly not one of my better trips though i had a 350+ dry streak

    Well, atm, i just got that many boots in a 230 smages task. I usually get 1-2 per task. Just getting lucky this task i suppose.


  6. Sup.








    My most proud 99. All through slayer, no power training. Thanks to vri (zokot) even though he had to leave before i got it since i couldn't get the assist i need for the lamp fast enough :wall: . Thanks to my best friend iGain for coming to see my new cape. And thanks to my community, SoDB, for being there throughout most of my journey to 99.

    Now i can start ranging again to get 35m+ xp :thumbsup: .


    Rate. Please don't hate.

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