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  1. Not sure what the best methods are, you'd have to calculate it yourself. It depends how much the raw fish costs vs. how much you can sell it for cooked. Remember that just because a fish is cheaper, it doesn't mean it will cost less in the long run.


    However, it would take you approximately:

    831,000 Rocktail


    890,000 Sharks


    1,246,000 Monkfish

    (Anything lower than that would be a waste of your time).


    With sharks/rocktail you'd probably get somewhere around 250k exp an hour if I recall correctly.

    So that's somewhere around 725-760 hours. Good luck.

    Thanks, I'll calculate but, but when I looked at Rocktail they seemed to be dropping might wait a bit.

  2. Of the free game:


    Microsoft Security Essentials can't really be faulted though they can be a little slow on blocking new ones though only the crud ones tht dont do alot.

    AVG Free is pretty much the best you can get on the free market. (AVG paid is even better but the free one still outclasses most paid ones in terms of what it catches)


    This is wrong, Avg was best before, now its just worse than ever (alot of false reporting). Third party reviewers have given Microsoft Security Essentials the top score lately. MSE isn't slow on blocking the newer viruses either, just as fast as everyone else. I would even say Avira is better than AVG.



    MSE>AVAST>AVIRA>AVG (according to 3rd party testers, on the web and in PC World Norway)


    Also make sure you dont have two antivirus installed at the same time, it clogs up the quarantine folder.


    Its also proven that you dont need any paid antiviruses, they're just memory hogs.

    Okay I'll try out MSE thanks everyone.

  3. DKS tribridding (or something else, i dont really know the terms) have a good gp/hr flow if you are using a Yak to bank bones.

    Never heard of this before never even been to DKS.


    Range slaying could be somewhat acceptable if you tailor your task list but I recommend you simply cannon all tasks, chin nechs etc.


    Good constant gp/hr: frost dragons (85 dungeoneering, 3.5m/hr, 3m guaranteed) > dagganoth kings (3.5m/hr, 1m guaranteed) > solo bandos (idk, 0.5m/hr from bones?).


    Tormented demons have guaranteed ashes (yay!) but they drop claws and effigies very often, as well as good charms. Shame you need 99 summoning to kill them at top speed. They are the best monster to kill for money/effigies if you can stand to kill them at said top speed of ~50 kills/hr.


    Dungeoneering is not worth soloing unless you don't have anyone to duo with who is remotely reliable, are not finding such a person anytime in the future, and you desperately need xp.

    I don't really like usinga cannon but I might.


    I don't have 85 dungeoneering :(, I've been to bandos once but was only able to get 1 kill I've leveled a little bit since then though. But I do get a little shackey some times.


    I might start doing quest to get Tormented Demons.


    With Dungeoneering I don't really have any friends that play this game and the one that does just started playing and can only play 1 hour a day.

  4. I'm starting to get restless with skilling and want to take up combat with Maxed Melee and 88 range.


    Would slay range be a reasonable thing to do?

    Is there some monster that has a good constant gp/hr?

    Is Dungeoneering even worth soloing?

  5. There are two methods. One involves moving the mouse and clicking with mousekeys. Just place your bolts and feathers next to eachother (or above, what you like I suppose) and press the right keys (5 clicks, 8 up, 2 down, 4 left, 6 right I think).


    The other method involves moving the pointer with the mouse, and doubleclicking with 5 and +. You select the stack of bolts, then move the mouse over the feathers, press 5 and + again, move back to the bolts, press 5 and + etc.

    Thanks I'll try this.


    But seriously, why even get those skills just for the 99 of it? it servers no purpose, better get maxed combat and all skills to quest requirements first IMHO...

    99's are pretty and I already have maxed combat plus quest are sort of boring to me.

  6. Ivy with adze does not give firemaking xp. Above methods are also not neccessarily the best.


    Fishing: rocktails are afkable and earn a little money, but barbarian fishing is around twice as fast xp, also giving agility xp.


    Woodcutting: Yews are not moneymakers. Do ivy or sawmill if you want xp. Ivy is more afk, sawmill better xp.


    Thieving: blackjacking is faster xp than Pyramid Plunder.


    Fletching: broad arrows (~4 gp/xp, 400k xp/hr, easy on the wrists) or broad bolts (profit I think) or adamant bolts (idk, it's fast).


    Hunter: red salamanders until ~70, then falconry with bonecruncher (or salamanders again) until 80, then the best butterfly you can catch till 99.

    Okay for fishing I'll probably do Barbarian, Woodcutting I'll do Ivy, Thieving I'll most likely do blackjacking although not sure how to do it, Hunting I'm not sure, and for Fletching I'd probably do one of the Broads but I've tried Broad Bolts before and it hurt my hand a lot.

  7. 90-99 Fishing: Rocktails in the Living Rock Caverns

    87-99 Woodcutting: Ivy, yews if you would like some cash

    55-99 Thieving: Pyramid Plunder

    83-99 Fletching: Cut/String Yew Longbows

    60-63 Hunter: Red Salamanders 63-99 Red Chinchompas

    Thanks for the help, and with Ivy does the Adze get FM exp?

  8. I've recently gotten back into RuneScape with a membership and I would like to go for more 99s, I've been thinking of fishing, woodcutting, thieving, fletching, and hunter.


    What would be the best way for me to go about training this skills.


    Thanks in advance for your time.

  9. You *should* never get a main door that requires a skill you don't have. Ive had members skills and higher than my level skills on bonus doors when soloing though.

    I still think it's messed up I thought that they had made it so nothing from members goes into ftp.

  10. Well the Resource Dungeon addition to the Dungeoneering skill came with a dungeon full of Frost Dragons, which are now one of the most profitable things to do. That and the last part to the Void quest series was released and the weapon reward is just one step down from some of the best weapons in the game.

    I haven't trained Dungeonering but it seems interesting I'll need to try it later. And I'm looking at RS Wiki for the Void thing now.

  11. The game I was playing took a turn for the worse and I quit. I stopped playing RS a little bit after the Dungeoneering update is there anything that I should be aware of that they changed since then? I have been reading RS wiki though.


    Thanks for your time.


    New question what is a somewhat effective way to train dungeoneering with max combat? I'm in FTP for now.

  12. What exactly is "familiarization"?


    Familiarisation is a recent D&D. Basically, you find an obelisk with Pikkenmix (Pikkupstix's apprentice), and then you'll enter the obelisk, and you're transformed into a familiar, and you walk around the area picking up raw shards while avoiding certain familiar's who will reduce your energy bar, and once it's gone, you'll get booted out of the plane. http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=familiarisation.htm there's our guide on it.


  13. You could also try ranging Iron or steel/black dragons. They drop 2/3 charms respectively (mostly green), and it's easy to semi-AFK them while ranging (you could also get a visage if you were lucky)

    What would be the best equipment for this accuracy gear or void? And should I use a cbow or something else?

  14. Golds would cut down the cost.


    Greens would cut down the cost IF you do fruitfall scrolls. Otherwise that'll up the cost.


    Blues would up the cost, actually, unless you do lava titans. But then you're spending more time... it's a tradeoff.



    Blues make it more expensive, but they do save time. It's a trade off. I think they're worth using, but that could just be me. Greens are good if you make fruitfall scrolls or unicorn pouches/scrolls (usually for your own use, but the scrolls sell well and can be a good return on investment). As for golds, I would use them, but they're actually pretty slow, though quite cheap.

    Okay I'll take all of this into consideration.

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