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First I will start with my personal life. My name is William Lopez, I was born in Brooklyn New York. I'm half PuertoRican and half Colombian. I'm 19 years old. I'm 6"0 feet tall weighting 145 pounds. I'm the only child my mom has which is awesome for me. I have lived in many places like Colombia, New Jersey, Florida, and my favorite of all Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was my favorite place because of the fun community there was. I had a bunch of friends in the town I lived and I knew everyone around. After 5 years of living in PR I finally moved back to my hometown New York which I missed very much. I finished high school and graduated the same day my idol died, Michael Jackson (R.I.P legend). I was in a private college in Manhattan for about 5 months studying for Business Administration Management but lost interests quickly because it wasn't really what I wanted to do with my life. When I was in High School I joined the acting club because I was kind of curious about acting. We had to go every Tuesdays after school. I stayed in it for 2 years and enjoyed every minute of it. I performed on stages in my own school and other school/colleges as well. It was a really fun experience and I learned a lot from it. I'm currently majoring Computers Information Systems(CIS) which is going well for me at the time. My hobbies besides Runescape of course is my favorite sport of them all, Basketball. I don't like to brag but I must say I'm a beast, especially on ball handling. My favorite food is probably pizza since there is a Pizza Hut right across the street from my house. I also enjoy playing Call of Duty MW2, NBA 2k9. Ufc09/10 on Xbox 360, feel free to add my gamer-tag "TheHitmizzle" so we can play sometime.




Here are some pictures of myself:





I love snow :D




Ball in your face










Now for my Runescape History. Well it started off back on early 2008 (Yeh I'm a 08 prod) when Runescape was introduced to me by my cousin in a New York library. He helped me pass tutorial island because of course I didn't know wtf I was doing. My account was called Thehitman374(Different numbers). After I finished tutorial island I remember I always use to walk around just making fun of people and cussing them out because that was the only fun thing I knew to do in RS. I never played RS again since I didn't have a computer. On April 08 when I moved to another apartment and bought my own computer I was tired of playing Yahoo games online so I tried RS one more time because my cousin always used to play it. Sadly I forgot my accounts password and I needed to make a new one. This time with the account Thehitman324 I actually passed tutorial island all by myself. I started training and learning how to play RS more each day with the help and support of my cousin. Though one day I went to zombies underground to see my cousin train and all of a sudden I get k0ed by a zombie. I had the best gear on, full iron armor and a Team-48 cape. I lost it all and I raged irl so hard I wanted to quit RS lol. After that my cousin helped me rebuild my bank by showing me how to get the colorful boots+cash. After that I kept training and training until I was around LvL 75ish and that's when my Clan History begun.


I was a big fan of Zezima back in the days that I use to idle in his clan chat everyday begging him to add me like a boss. September 27th 2008 I was in his clan chat (I was muted) when suddenly a girl named Floginmolly7<3 came in and spammed "JOIN AMATEURNOOB" I was like "omg another famous rs player" in my mind. I got into his clan chat and Floginmolly7 said "If you want to join this clan pm me". I wanted to try out this thing called a clan so I pm'd her saying "Yes." Yeh ffs I forgot I was muted. I hopped on my noob account called Thehitnoob and pm'd her quickly. She gave me the clan site and all the info I needed to join this clan.


I app'd and got accepted the same day making friends quickly. I realized when I joined, Downfall was only a week old after its break up with K0 unit due to problems with ranks. The clan kept growing each day and I kept making friends. The community was great(still is). I didn't knew how to war, but eventually I learned the basics quickly. I will like to say thanks to Amateurnoob and Uffan5(Currently in CR) for that. Downfall started off with having playoffs and even fun wars at w141. I started as a recruit in Downfall building my way up to Leader. Downfall being 75+ we all grew and got stronger together. As right now we have a lot of old schools still in Downfall just because of the fun community and the fact that we consider ourselves a family.




My experiences in Downfall:



One day after Uffan5 talked to the other ranks, they decided to join TWR for more wars. That's when we finally decided to get audio and make it mandatory. We started using TS2 which I owned for about 7 months. Making our way up in TWR increasing our cmb lvls from 80+, 90+, 100+, 105+ to 110+ now we are proud today to have got this far. One day after I had a break from RS I returned and app'd for council in Downfall, I remember getting declined due to inactivity. Like 2 months later I app'd again and got accepted by all ranks. Like 4/5 months later it was Amateurnoob leading alone on ts with Uffan5 leading in game like a legend. I stepped up and got a mic and began to lead on ts when Amateurnoob was down. After that everyone was begging me to apply for Leader until one day I did. I got accepted, sadly that was days after Uffan5 quit Downfall. Amateurnoob and myself have been taking good care of this clan and we are still going at it. We are currently using TS3 with the help of the clan. We are now focusing more In PvP and been doing quite fine recently.


One day I wanted to try out a PvP Team so I joined Team Relentless. Sadly it closed a month or 2 after I joined due to rank problems. I believe I was Member of the month when it closed. I loved the community there and since most of them were TFC, I joined it. After a month or 2 in TFC I realized that multi-clanning wasn't my thing. I wanted to concentrate on one clan and that was Downfall, so I quit TFC.


I joined Team Power Rangers back in the summer because it was all lulz. It's a fun team and I'm proud of being a TPR old school member. We gave good fights to decent clans being one of the best Cwa matched teams around. We also use to pk just to hunt DV to end their 8 man pull BH pk trips. We had a good community and stil have a lot of funny memories together. Current TPR is now sleeping like DI though.


I joined Team Kenya after David/Madcat begged me to join, pro recruiter at its finest. I was in Team Kenya for like 2-3 months getting Commander Rank at the end. We gave clans like Illusion, Notorious, TFC, CL, Poison and even CR good fights in PvP. TK was a PvP team that I really enjoyed and I don't regret being in there and Leading a couple times. Sadly it closed also due to rank problems which lead to some ranks rage quitting the team.


I joined Team Impulse for some practice, also because they warred Divine Vindicators. Anyways, good community in this team and it grows more every week, good fun wars. I left because I'm inactive and just want to focus on one thing, and that's Downfall.


And that's pretty much all my Runescape history for now, hope you enjoyed reading it :P


-Downfall Leader



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