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  1. Ok so, I got completionist cape :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MQ1Tk6OZeE Also got a split on my first trip back to nex! http://puu.sh/BOtL
  2. Yeah I know right :(. The skele idea sounds amazing though. Thank you all so much for your help! Do you get a message when you get the champion scroll as a drop? EDIT: I don't think you can cannon in the catacombs now. :(
  3. To number 2, yes you need a champion scroll and beat the champion monster. I had several from armored zombies but there are plenty of other viable monsters like abberant specters that you can cannon. For 3, yes you need to go inside the court using the court summon. I actually had it from a long time ago but didn't know and kept trying to get another one to no success because I already turned it in without finishing it. Damn it. Was hoping there was a way to get round getting a scroll. Started cannoning hobgoblins under tree gnome village now.
  4. Hi there. There are are some certain bits and bobs which I'm unsure about and would like to divulge your minds for help. 1. Quest capers. What are the capers I need to do? So far I know about rag and bone man and the thieves guild. 2. Victory is mine song. Do I need to get a champion scroll to unlock this song? If so, what's the most efficient scroll to obtain. I can afford to do anything. 3. Court summons song. Do I need to get a court summons to unlock this song? Thank you, will add some more later if I can think of any.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY3ZKjP-0C4 Thankyou for everyone who messaged me grats :)
  6. You would of been proud of me though :> Pope i like how you can't even fit in all your requirments in 1 chat box :P
  7. Hell no, still have to complete all of tt, 200k livid points, 15 quests, 5-6 misc stuff, 2 full tasks sets and misc songs!
  8. Even closer now :> 99 Agilty. This is actually such a special goal as this was the one skill which I never thought I could max but i've finally done it :thumbsup: I'll be maxing tomorrow so if anyone wants to come along add me in game, would be cool to some of you there.
  9. - 97 Mining Also changed my name to Miseryism, if you're wondering who dat is. peace
  10. 'full rare set, max cash and comp cape. ty'
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