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  1. I was told I'd have to post this here, so here goes: Hello, I'm Le_Bassist from Console Army. We are a well established clan with over 200 members and many more registering per day. We have a great military structure and center our clan around discipline and a professional public outlook. We have many ranges of players from our competitive to our recreational players. We cover both Xbox 360 and PS3, and have divisions of (North and South) Americans, Australians, and Europeans so that we can cover anyone's game time preferences. Practices are held at appointed times (this varies by squad) and fun nights are also regularly scheduled. There is also a Call of Duty side to the clan for any interested there. To Join Simply follow instructions below - Register On Our Website - Validate your account via Email - Wait on our staff to process your account - Post & Complete Boot camp We require you to have a microphone/headset and be 15 or over If you wish to join please visit our website below and register. I'd like to say we're "Top 5" blah blah blah, but aside from that we're a big group of folks that play the objective and use communication to win and have a good time. Tell 'em Le_Bassist sent you and they'll treat you right. www.consolearmyhq.com
  2. The problem is that Hollywood and the music business couldn't move fast enough. Netflix is a prime example; because they managed to get the system up first, they now have almost a 30 million consumer base, increasing each day due to the convenience of its content. Hollywood has tried everything short of open warfare to get Netflix shut down, simply because Hollywood can't control Netflix pricing. They've made delays in the time Netflix can add a DVD to its library, and even has tried to get special arrangements so that Netflix users must pay a separate fee in order to watch certain movies (Starz movies). It's a fact that currently the movie business alone makes over 60% of its income from sources it previously tried to make illegal. VCR's were supposed to be the end of the movie business. The same goes with DVD's, and DVR's. The music industry sees a similar trend with our move from radio to physical media to digital. This infographic is a good analysis of how the movie industry has cried doomsday at every single technological advancement pertaining to media in the last century. These two industries regardless need to learn to adapt and innovate, instead of punishing the consumer base for their own slowness. There will always be piracy, which is good because it keeps technology and the movie/music experience advancing, but corporate big wigs don't like changing their ways, and thus we'll have to keep taking them to task at the voting booth and the check-out counter.
  3. Stopped by to let y'all know that I haven't forgotten this! It's just that I've finally started the process of writing my own book! This basically means that my free time has been mostly devoted to drawing instructional diagrams instead of inventing new things. I plan to cover in the area of 20-50 things in the book, with a wide range of flowers, animals, prehistoric, and fantastic creatures. I can post my imitations of other people's models, but my Intellectual Rights adviser is asking that I not show anything that's going in the book until my submissions to the US copyright office come back. Sadly, this takes a bit away from the gallery and my video channel, but in the end it makes my family happy. Once those submissions are back, however, I do need some testers if anyone wants a shot. Cheers!
  4. Origami Expert here, you did well bud, though black on black background is a bit of a no-no in making origami tutorials. I think I'll be designing my own though after seeing the result. I'm curious as to who designed it too, as in the origami world it's better to give credit to the artist or risk a nasty copyright cease and desist order. Here's my cat for now:
  5. That's just the thing, though. I know they have a marketing team at this point. The New York Times did a similar thing with this when making their e-edition of the paper subscription-based. However, they had many prepared statements as well as a huge advertising campaign ready for it. I just really don't know what put it in that Jagex teams' heads that after all of this awesome publicity they've been getting with Runefest and killing bots, that they'd put a buzz-kill like this in several weeks after good stuff with nothing content-wise to make amends for what the F2P lost.
  6. As a college student about to complete a degree in business, this move is what all of my management, marketing, economics, and administrative business professors would use in their class as a prime example of "stupid moves in public relations." I understand that marketing might not necessarily be their field of expertise, but this is just common sense. In the game's context, we went from a year ago where they were toting around their only Guinness World Record holder, who is a free player, and now we reach the point where we won't even have a record of her existence. Stay classy, Jagex.
  7. I find it funny how there's already people on RS forums claiming how superior the Jagex Wiki is to RSWiki. It doesn't even stand a chance yet with all of the stubs. I am curious nonetheless to see how plagiarism is treated between the sites though. RSWiki does have rights to its content, as the site itself, and images,etc., is a derivative of an intellectual entity, meaning it is a work of art unto its own technically.
  8. I finally quit about mid-way through the summer after starting way back in high school and going all the way through junior year of college. I almost came back a few weeks ago, but I held my cards, and sure enough Jagex managed to dissuade me with the over-marketing. I've made loads of friends all over the world through Runescape, and those people I care about and still talk to, but what finally made me quit is I decided to take my other hobby and put it in front of me while I continue going to school. It finally clicked in my head through the summer that I could apply the way I think of RS to the way I go through life. I'm not afraid to admit that this game's strategies have rubbed off on me. Yes, I walk quickly and efficiently to where I need to go, and strive for some sort of efficiency in doing whatever work I face. I seem to have developed some abnormal sensitivity to detecting tone in written language that has helped considerably in deciding how to respond, and it usually guarantees that I get along with someone I communicate with in the business world. Now I'm quite content taking my time compiling a book on my hobby (origami, there's a gallery topic if you're curious) and focusing on college classes that only get harder, and somewhere in there I pretty much stopped caring about levels that just seem to be a grind of time that could better be used doing something unique in the physical world. I think that's it; I finally realized that I want to make my own path and design some things I'll be able to show my grand-kids one day. I'm not saying I've grown up, I've just grown out of the need to log on and check the GE in the morning. I know what people think when they read this and scoff, I used to be one of you. I'm not saying it's bad or good to keep playing or be a super-xp machine, but I think there's a point when everyone figures out their place in life, and I'm pretty close to it. RS just doesn't seem to be in it for me, or prepared to last the journey. That's my most honest answer, I love this community's constant fights over change, it's really amusing and a good venting system. The community I'll never leave, but the game I seem to have left. It's sad that Jagex saves bad news for after RuneFest, but I think Tipit and the other fansites will always have something good and something bad to talk about.
  9. Did they get rid of the player gallery? I was looking forward to seeing if my entry would ever get displayed. I really don't know about this, they're changing their views too much to cater to marketing schemes. I think my next membership card will be my last.
  10. I think it's ridiculous that they made all that fuss last year about their Guinness World Record holding free player, and now there won't even be a live record of her existence anymore. It was a classic Jagex article though, all this good and then the last few lines kill any joy I had out of it. This game needs to cater to the history it has, wiping out all those loyal faces just kills the community it's trying to nurture. I would like to see them rescind this sentiment.
  11. The graphics are great for PS3 at least. The single player campaign is a bit too cinematic, it's more like a movie than your actions making much difference. I haven't touched the multi-player yet as the servers are pretty much filled to the brim and lobbies are having trouble staying open. Of course that's just the first day of release vibe really. They removed private lobbies for launch and will put them back in at a later patch, which I'm looking forward to so my clan can start Gamebattles matches. Otherwise, this game is really living up the hype so far. They definitely set out to make a different game than Bad Company 2, and it's that effort to change things around that I admire in a developer.
  12. Methinks I'll be playing Battlefield 3. If this system sticks and does its job I'll be glad to embrace it after a week in action. ;)
  13. I sent in a submission to the Jagex Gallery, the Pre-Skeletal Wyvern. It's in its own spoiler near the top for now with a link to a time lapse of me making it. I added a Pteranodon of my own design to the animals section, and another dragon in the Display pieces. Hopefully they'll like the wyvern as much as I enjoyed designing it. :smile:
  14. I finally found some very large kraft paper at my local craft store, and promptly set to blowing some minds within my circle of friends. I have added a display piece section containing my most difficult pieces. After one or two more are completed, I'm being asked by my university's art department to put them on display. My favorite piece is the turtle, because of the shell pattern. I took some pictures of various stages of making it, so if you need any help understanding how that is just one uncut square sheet of paper, let me know!
  15. I haven't officially quit. But I haven't actually logged into the game itself for a good month and a half (the clan calls me a chronic lobby'er). I love the people part, but the game has really lost my interest. All of the things I liked doing are 99 already, and the other skills are just such an unrewarding grind in my eyes as well as being bot-infested. The update quality has noticeably decreased this summer, there's nothing that I really care to play out of them. The Loyalty stuff and Refer a friend didn't cause me to jump on any bandwagon, but they certainly don't help Jagex's case. I think I'd come back though if we get RuneFest pictures of cosplayers dressed as woodcutting bots and such, and it'd be healthy to ask them in person why they aren't doing anything about bots. Too many people on my friendlist have admitted botting, with absolutely nothing done to their accounts, even several months after. The message needs to be sent in person at this point, as clearly internet methods aren't working. They don't even have to do that much; a daily system update at a random time during normal American school hours will probably help out a lot in freeing areas up and at least preventing a big portion of the audience from leaving a bot on when they go to school. I'd gladly make that sacrifice and would gladly continue to play and pay if they take an actual visual stance on this issue.
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