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  1. Soad92

    Oldest clans?

    Glad we could finally come to terms :)
  2. Soad92

    Oldest clans?

    THE We honestly aren't, and it's never been made into something bigger than the refutes that constantly come from Sabres. It's common practice for us to say 'one of' the oldest now - we never deny the fact that THE isn't the absolute oldest.
  3. All styles is good to practice your true tanking skills ;)
  4. Echo/Adr1an and some other friends from a different community were in TF/THE. They encouraged me to join. THE was my first clan more than 2 years ago, and I have never once left.
  5. Soad92

    Oldest clans?

    Jagz are still alive and still in TA with us and Gladz
  6. Good luck DW :) Hope to continue having good fights against you.
  7. THE Clan - We are trying to do more all-styles fights. Makes things more interesting.
  8. Thanks for the fight Downfall :)
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