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  1. Considering as how I see around 150-250k playing daily (2 today), and taking maybe half of those as P2P. I would estimate around 500-700K paying accounts, since obviously not everyone is logged on at the same time. But I'm pulling that number well out of my ass. What all do you think it is? As a brief aside, assuming a rate of $5.50 USD per mo. with new subscription rates and old, 600k paying accounts would bring in $3.3m a month, $39.6m per year. Shiny, huh? :rolleyes: I'll feel a bit silly if they've posted a look at their actual subscriber count, but I can't remember ever seeing it. So go ahead and rape my numbers for me. Thanks!
  2. Right ... implying you can't run a bot and keep an eye on it to see if people are talking to you at the same time. Most people are aware of that incredible and largely stupid method of checking if someone bots. Hence people who do bot will just respond and talk once in a while, while people who are there not botting may have their public off and get called a bot. This conversation has been done over a thousand times. In a nutshell, Jagex blows and never did have a plan for bots.
  3. I'm 23 and I'm in a clan for 18+ only. We've got about 150 members now, and that's after recent member sweeps. Yeah, I'd say RS is for adults too.
  4. Yeah, It never made a significant difference for me either. In other news, got this a couple days ago.
  5. Well then use them! Doesn't matter to me and it doesn't mean I don't have a lot of other good tips in the video :P
  6. Yes, you can. Tested it for two hours and it made absolutely no difference in XP rates. Maybe it affects lower levels, but it certainly didn't do anything for me.
  7. I'll give scentless potions a try then, I've been too busy to get 99 recently due to social life but I'll see if it gives a noticable difference tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!
  8. Most people who post these draconic jadinko guides are terrible hunters with little clue about game mechanics. I intend to demonstrate and explain how to save as much time and energy as possible doing this. You will save many ticks and frustration by watching this guide. ;) Be warned, however, this is NOT a guide to teach you how to access/use herblore habitat. You can find that easily elsewhere. Among things I talk about: -- The proper way to set your traps and why -- How to keep your arctic bear out of the way -- The uselessness of witchdoctor robes/camouflage @ HH -- Planting box traps with maximum efficiency/speed Enjoy and pass the word around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaF1nRM69_g
  9. Maybe it's because I'm in a big 18+ only clan, but I don't think it's too bs to say that the average age might be 16. Our old geezers might push the average up a lot. LOL
  10. This event has been pushed back to Saturday to better accommodate people's work schedules. The main plan is to trim my untrimmed HP cape once I hit 136 combat, with 10 99's at one time at one place in one party. :) Since then, the list has changed as follows. (Red: Skill is Ready!) (Orange: Skill is Close!) Attack 95/98/99 Strength 96/98/99 Defence 95/98/99 Magic 96/98/99 Ranged 98/98/99 Firemaking 93/98/99 Fishing 90/98/99 Cooking 95/98/99 Fletching 95/98/99 Woodcutting ??/98/99 Side Goals (for 136 combat prior to party) Prayer: 85/95/95 Summoning: 88/92/92 I haven't played too much this past year. I cancelled my membership and stopped playing for several months at one point. Now though, I'm back to playing a good bit. My total level has gone from 2091 to 2259 in the past year, but I still have my untrimmed HP cape and I still plan to trim my cape with 10 99's VERY soon! If you're interested in joining the party, feel free to send me a PM. I'd love to have more untrimmed capes to see me off into the crowded world of trims ;) Set date for this event: August 7, 2010
  11. Perhaps it's the girls all over your posts? Great job guys, I'll be sure to contribute a lot more next edition if at all possible. Glad to see us back up and running.
  12. A: Anyone can join these forums. You might get lucky for a while, but eventually you'll draw all the idiots. I feel bad for you guys!
  13. No problem mate. I went through several iterations of how to do the post, I think it looks and works fine though. As to which should be higher, I can see both sides and can't really decide which one I'd have chosen myself. I may have gone with duping just because the effects of it can still be seen today in the prices of rares today. But I can see why Earth chose the massacre; a bigger audience for a big screwup is quite a big deal :P
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