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  1. For the Xbox you extract your COD:WaW gamesave using a transfer kit and then either use a hex editor or Modio or the COD Tool to place dvars into your gamesave to make the game go 10X the speed, give you 'triple' tap instead of double tap, higher jump height, instant reload etc etc. If you set game speed to the highest and place the dvar ai_spawn 0 or something similar to that in your profile, no zombies spawn and the rounds just fly through
  2. XSniperX

    Travian Players?

    Used to play on the speed servers, bored with it now though
  3. Super Mario Kart Street Fighter II
  4. I got all the new Nazi Zombie achievements the other night :mrgreen:
  5. I haven't played it but I heard Phantasmagoria was scary
  6. XSniperX


    UK Hardcore - Gammer ftw
  7. Hipsh0t Sniper - Call Of Duty WaW Juggasaurus Rex - Everything else and MW2 when it is out Add them if you want
  8. Haha I loved Bubsy, it was hard to complete though, don't think I ever did, got to the alien ship a few times and lost all my lifes
  9. How do you get so many rounds like that? Around 90% of the time when I am getting rounds like that, the host leaves. It's funny, because you guys talk about all these constant problems that I have expierienced maybe twice or three times. Glitch abuse in every map? :| Of course
  10. I have pre ordered MW2 and nothing else, that's the only game you will need come Nov 10 lol ;)
  11. Someone else can have my go :)
  12. Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen 2
  13. Finally got the Collateral Damage challenge after 8 times doing it without the challenge unlocked. K/D Currently 1.6
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