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  1. Clearly not to help such a ladies' man as yourself.


    ok thanks for being an a** i appreciate it ::'


    Well you did ask a pretty stupid question... Who cares if he posts here a lot? It's not like he's spamming or flaming. He's just giving you the help you asked for.


    dude, i asked a simple question, why does he post so often here, but i guess i get flamed for doing just that... i mean it was a completely innocent, harmless question...

  2. 500 billion gp lol. I estimate that there is 10 trillion gp today (average member having 10m sounds right, not including F2P); 20 fold increase in four years.


    i wouldnt agree with average player having 10 mil... alot of lower leveled account are members now that barely have 100-250k




    just a thought #-o




    My bank is worth 300 mil... So basically 29 low level members and me average to 10 mil. You can find people with a bank worth a lot more, so I feel the 10 mil average is pretty sound.


    *sigh* averages dont work that way... you add all the gp in rs and divide by how many players there are...

  3. 42 hours of game play maybe? :P




    Well, from that Mod Mmg picture, 1000 total is quite a lot in f2p, wouldn't 800 or so make more sense? Correct me if I'm wrong.


    1000 is actually pretty easy to get, I think around 1200 or 1100 would be better as not just everyone can get it but I think 50m total xp would be better, as there are some great F2Pers who have easily surpassed the 50m xp, but just not passed the 1100 skill total because theyre level 3 skillers.


    well, not alot of f2p have 50m exp. maybe lower it to 10m. or 5.

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