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  1. 500 billion gp lol. I estimate that there is 10 trillion gp today (average member having 10m sounds right, not including F2P); 20 fold increase in four years.


    i wouldnt agree with average player having 10 mil... alot of lower leveled account are members now that barely have 100-250k




    just a thought #-o

  2. got on yesterday and lvl 23 called me, lvl 88, a noob :o




    Newb = New Player


    Noob = Stupid or annoying player.




    A lvl 23 can be a newb, but not a noob. A lvl 88 isn't a newb. but could be a noob.




    lvl 88 can be a newb.




    ive been playing for 5 years, and i didnt even talk to lvl 23

  3. Guys, I have a problem with a potential stalker. Let me explain the problem indepth:




    I logged ont to facebook an hour ago. I saw one of my friends log on, and he said hey. So I said hey back. He said how old a r u. I immideatly knew something was up. So i said 14. Turns out SHE is an ex gf of my friend. So she proceeded to say i am uber hot, so on and so forth. She asked where I lived, etc etc. I didn't give her ANYTHING. But as I said g2g I forgot I left my number on the facebook page. >.< And I added her as a friend on facebook, stupid me, i didnt think she was a stalker. So now she has my number. And now she's texting me nonstop, with all these comments such as 'hey hottie' and 'what are you doin on friday'. Help, please?




    go for it =] :thumbsup:

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