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  1. ok, this is not about any previous posts ive had




    [hide=my story]Ok heres the story: about a year ago, I started dating (lets call her sydney). we were great together. we had been dating for like 6 months, until I had to move. Before I left I told her I loved her and she said it back. But, 2 weeks after i moved, had to move farther away. We told each other we'd stay together. but after a while i find out shes been cheating on me, so i call her and we broke up. im not gonna lie, that really hurt me. I really loved her. after about 2 months i moved to FL. after about 4 months we move back to town i was originally in. I meet back up with Sydney and she says she wants me back. I want to, but i still live like 25-30 miles away. I dont even know if I should take her back.[/hide]


    A lil help plz...

  2. ok, one time i was walking around draynor, minding my own business, when a noob, lvl54 comes up to me and says follow me for fast 1-2m. so im curious and i follow. he brings me to moles. (i was thinking, (lol wow this noob thinks im an idiot)) so, i p*** him off by bringing a lantern, so he dies (lol), then he finds me mining in fally (i got bored) and tells me to follow him again. i was like "here we go again..." so he brings me to abyss teleport dude who sells you runes also (4got his name) and tells me to tele. So i did. then i went and hid in caves and waited for him to come in and try and get my stuff. he gets killed (again) and i go get his stuff (got like 200k =]) so i went back mining, and he shows up AGAIN saying give me back my stuff scammer. I died laughing. he got p o'ed and tried to report me. he got in trouble. :lol:

  3. Runescape private servers are the failure of MMO private servers.




    They're a big bucket of crispy fried failure.




    In the case of reviving old, dead MMO's like Asheron's Call or Helbreath, I even respect those GM's running the server. The owner no longer has any potential to turn a real profit from the games, they are old and outdated & the official servers are permanently down, but the community still likes them.




    What about RSC? Supply and demand just don't meet. There are thousands of people who want to try the old version, and only people who played way back can still log into the server (a couple hundred active ones now). That's the primary reason why private servers exist.




    Jagex's version is much safer than unstable private RSC servers, just about impossible to cheat or dupe in any longer, the only threat is 'autoers'. Other than that, they could just charge the typical $5 and just let people play it, instead of filing costly lawsuits against students who run those servers for other people's enjoyment. I don't really understand Jagex's motives on this one. They should be only concerned about cash flow.




    With maybe 2,000 or more people paying for RSC (about 1% of RS2 paying members), $10k a month might seem like a drop in the ocean, but that would still be $120,000 extra revenue every year in Jagex's pocket. They could even put a disclaimer "no customer support" and run low-end servers, they'd get practically free money just by running RSC to all interested players again.


    i agree with this. They should open RSC, even for at least 2-3 weeks, just to let players experience how the game was played years and years ago.

  4. Well recently, while I was browsing the Rate This! thread I saw a lot of the same posts. Many posts said something like "l0l n00b go train ur skills up ur cb stats pwn them l0l0l0l0L@@@@" And whenever a skiller (level 3 combat with large total level) posts a thread on rate this everybody goes "omfg w0w@@@" they don't tell the skiller to raise their combat stats, hypocrisy ftl.




    The point of this thread is: what's so bad about unbalanced stats? Maybe some people enjoy combat more than skills, maybe some enjoy skilling more than combat.




    nothing wrong with it.




    I have 3 skiller accs




    1 for wc


    1 for mining


    1 for fish

  5. Private servers are illegal, this topic should be locked.


    im pretty sure this topic isnt locked because its about how private servers are bad, not saying "hey, you know what would be a good thing for you to do RiGHT NOW? Go build a server..."




    No, i am saying in my previous post to TRY and build one and see the time being wasted.




    Anyway I emailed Jagex about what they do to people who are running a private server. Waiting for a reply. bear with me

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