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  1. building you own private server is a good way to see how runescape works, and also how coding in java looks like. But every server owner takes a risk once it goes public. They have the potential to sue, which really sucks. And if im not correct, Runescape is based in england. That would be international copyright infringement




    And when you make a private server, your not nessesarily forced to give away source. Because if all games worked that way, we'd have to download runescape. (not a bad idea, seeing a my internets slow :thumbsup: )




    But building a private server is a pain in the ___. Then after you make the server yours you still have to go through and clear out bugs. After a while, you will have to send people the source so they can help you.




    Private servers are fun, but they dont outweigh the no-benefits (bleh i killed that word)




    If you dont believe this post, go build a server. Try it. See how long it takes. If you've done it before, or found a tut, dont.

  2. hmm, Im low on cash though...




    I will try to get some more to buy it...




    meanwhile, ive got my d legs, rune pl8, berserker, rune gauntlets, str ammy, ROL (ring of life), rune arrows, whip, & obby sheild...




    anyone got a better set for me thats not barrows?

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