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  1. My comment is unrelated to any of the previous, but I thought it was funny, so I'll share:




    Today me and my ex (don't ask) went to the mall today. We met up with this 28 year old that's been hitting on her for the past few months (she's 17). I asked him if he was there to meet underage women and to "please have a seat over there". Basically i real life Chris Hansen'd him. Funny [cabbage] \' .




    But the things this guy's been saying really would be enough to get him arrested and black listed. He's lucky all we did was tell him off :twisted:


    To be honest, if she's 17, in most states, shes legal for anyone. Even 95 year olds. As creepy as that may be, I don't think he was doing anything illegal.


    As long as they don't have sex they could both be any age, dating ages is not governed by law.




    Thank god one of my ex's don't know that. She'd go phyco on me. :shock:

  2. Well, here's what happened today =] It went better than I would've thought possible. Well, it started out as she got out of her house to go see a "friend". After we left there we ran to the paintball grounds, the only secluded place around. Well, she wraps her arms around me and hides her face in my chest for a minute. Then she looks up, smiles, and I take the indication. I lean in. We kiss. (started kissing would be better terminology) It went all perfectly. Thanks guys =]

  3. Ok, yesterday, I finally realized a 16-14 year old couple isn't very bad, like some relationships. I'm pretty happy knowing this =] Thanks btw. Anyway, I need someone's advice. Ok, yesterday, after I had my relevation, I decided to go on my daily run, and asked the girl to come with. We ended up walking the entire time, so the "run" aspect of it failed =] Anyway, while we were walking, we were talking (duh) and she was showing alot of IOI's and things like that. After we got home, me and her started texting each other. She told me she really wanted to kiss me but didn't know what I would do so she didn't. I told her I wouldn't have stopped her and I would kiss back. Then she said after school that we should go on another walk. I said ok. This morning at the bus stop she takes my hand while we were waiting on the bus. I know she likes me because of all this (again, duh). Any advice for me today and onward?

  4. I'm having more or less the exact same problem as Mattie. I'm 15, soon to be 16, and this 8th grader, 13, soon to be 14, likes me. Well, actually there's 2 that like me. But thats another issue I'll ask later. Anyway, I'm feeling like a child molester even talking to these girls. And, I really don't know what my parents will say. They'll probably just pick at me, but I'm not sure.




    I live in the US, so people tend to look down on relationships like this. I really don't care what the community thinks, I'm just saying. So, should I feel weird or like a freak talking to these girls? Also, what should I tell my parents? And friends? Advice?

  5. Ok, its been a while since I've posted here. Hell, even been on. Well, alot's changed. Me and my parents are cool again. I broke up with my girlfriend because she was cheating on me. Already dated someone else, but I need you all's advice on that. Ok, here is what happened. At the beginning of July, I met this girl named Rebecca. She seemed awesome to me. I was in the FL at that time, so we were texting each other till I got back. Everything was fine, dandy, and amazing. The day after I get back home, I go to the movies with the girl, ask her out, and bam, we're a couple. Everything was going amazing until school started last Tuesday. At school, she just more or less didn't acknowledge me. That got worse and worse until Friday night, she broke up with me. She said this: I'm not happy. I haven't been happy. I'm not over Logan (her ex). I'm in too much pain. I'm sorry. That was the end of the text. Tell me, what am I supposed to think. =/

  6. I think the fishing guide needs to be redone in terms of suggestions and exp training. There are a lot of new stuff that has just been tacked into place.




    Among the things I think should be included is exp/hour comparisons for:


    Shilo fly fishing


    monk fishing


    shark fishing


    tuna/swordfish fishing


    barbarian-hand tuna/swordfish fishing


    barbarian-pole bait fishing


    effects of FOG gloves on swordfish and shark exp




    Tips on getting the most out of brawler gloves and SC items could be more thoroughly looked at as well.


    could you add some?

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