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Greetings fellow Tip.It'ers. Welcome. Pull up a seat by the fire and get comfortable. The nights are cold; companionship and good stories, not to mention a mug or two of ale, will help keep the chill away. I am Kaida23, Master Miner and resident of RuneScape since September of 2005.


I was introduced to RS by an old friend's eldest son while visiting them in Nova Scotia (a beautiful province btw. If you have the means, I highly recommend it. Especially in summertime). Unfortunately, neither of them seem to play anymore as I haven't seen either of them on in nearly two years. I've been on TIF since March 2009, but had made good use of Tip.It's database for a long time before that.


IRL, my name is Ken. I have an ex-wife, a mortgage, two kids and a dog; it's the American dream and I'm not even an American! laugh.gif I have lived my whole life in Canada, but hope to one day retire to a much warmer climate. I'm finding that the older I get, the less I enjoy shoveling snow. Musically, I tend to listen mostly to metal and rap, especially when combined (Rage Against the Machine in particular). I don't have much time for other hobbies outside of RS, but I occasionally build, convert and paint Warhammer 40,000 models yet, somehow, have never actually played it.


I think that's enough introductions for now. Here, have another drink and try the swordfish; it's not nearly as dangerous as it sounds.

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