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  1. 2) All the admins of pokemon forums (namely serebii/smogon)


    I hope that's a joke.

    I don't have a problem with anyone at Smogon, but damn I hate Serebii. He may be right about a lot of things but he's conceited as hell.


    @riku: I love you too! /czarcasm


    As for the serebii/smogon mods, they both have a lot in common as to why I hate'm (...even worse than hitler). Here's a main part of the reason:


    About a year ago, I was designing a 4th gen competitive team when I 'happened' to have an idea. Seeing as wynaut was not 'technically' banned from ou, I decided to use it on my team. My team went 72-2 before being '"disqualified" due to me apparently "cheating". Apparently I wasn't allowed to use wynaut since its evo was banned from ou (which made no sense to me). Since then, I've hated them both more than hitler.



  2. Top 5 for me have to be:


    1) George bush (the younger/dumber one)

    2) All the admins of pokemon forums (namely serebii/smogon)

    3) The guy who 'mispredicted' the apocalypse on may 21st

    4) Hitler

    5) Mao¤



    ¤(although my 5th worst, he still ranks 2nd on my top 10 most influential people of all time. The cultural revolution though was one of the most horrible acts in history [look it up if you're confused/not scared of it])

  3. The fact that boston made it to the finals should anger toronto fans. Boston essentially got rid of their 'junk', made it to the finals w/o him, and got rewarded by toronto for doing so.


    @kessel (from boston): muahahaha



    (Now that I've stirred some 'controversy, I shalst return to my new home known as zybez. I bid all you adieu!)

  4. @seany: kinda. It's like rather than seeing things how you'd normally see them, you'd see them how you thought other people saw things.


    @napalm: the first chapter so far is 11 pages long. Next 2 chapters are 9 pages each (first 3 chapters are more or less 'forshadowing', showing us what's going to happen via a dream he has). Overall, I'm aiming for 22 chapters/300pages (mainly due to the fact that I want to make it as 'vivid' as possible).


    Interesting part about this though is my current 'fanbase'. I haven't even written 50 pages, yet I already have forum users/r'l friends wanting to read it.

  5. ><...@everyone interested in my book idea: can't exactly post a link to it (or namely, I'm 'afraid' that they'll ban me again if I do). That, and I'm kiiiinda coming off a 1-month ban because the admins didn't like me discussing somali pirates in off-topic.


    Oh, and seeing as I've already finished the first 3 chapters, I'd may as well read a part of the thing that I intend to put on the back (you know, the thing that describes some of the book):




    The idea behind perspective is truly a devious mistress. Everyone has their own, and while many can be shared, none can ever truly be duplicated. This book attempts to change that perception, while offering a unique look into the 'reliability' of eye witness testimony.


    Patrick wesker is a 22yr old who has inherited a unique, and horrific personality trait. You see, patrick's perception of the entire world is a bit 'odd'. Rather than seeing the world in his perspective, he sees it in everyone else's. Witnessing the murder of a christian nun just outside his bedroom window, patrick has now found himself stuck in the middle of a murder case. Now, he must use his view on the world to try and piece it all together.

  6. One of my friends recently tried out something similar to this. He took 50 2l coke bottles, filled 25 with hydrogen/25 with sand and created a balloon-like thing to grow plants in (which may seem weird, but the sight of it is truly interesting...roses in a pot 20 feet in the air).

  7. One of my friends recently tried out something similar to this. He took 50 2l coke bottles, filled 25 with hydrogen/25 with sand and created a balloon-like thing to grow plants in (which may seem weird, but the sight of it is truly interesting...roses in a pot 20 feet in the air).

  8. My ninja skills have struck again, sensei polo. Picking san jose is actually a pretty interesting/risky idea, seeing as their entire team in the playoffs is like inception, in that the further down they go, the greater the likelyhood of them waking up/being out.


    May as well explain my other picks to try and spur some discussion:


    Detroit (for the above reasons).

    In the vancouver vs nashville matchup, I expect rinne to be pretty decent. He's performed well against 'tough teams', mind you against vancouver, he'll be good but not 'perfect'.

    Washington vs tampa is an interesting one, due to the fact that washington is literally the san jose of the eastern conference. Tampa's been too good this year, and with washington's front lines being weak, tampa more or less has it.

    The boston pick, again, pretty interesting. Boston set a franchise record during the last matchup by winning the series after being down 2-0 (a feat which they hadn't done in 26 attempts prior to this). Philly is essentially the same team as last year, which is semi-bad seeing as other teams have made significant improvements.

  9. Van/nsh- van in 6

    Sj/det- det in 5

    Wsh/tb- tb in 6

    Bos/phi- bos in 5


    Should be interesting, considering how close the standings are in the pool. I lead with 75points, and yguy is a mere 20behind (meaning that he essentially has to go 4 for 4 with teams to be tied with me at the end of round 2).

  10. I actually think that the mods are treating this forum too much like a k-8 elementary school rather than the middle school that this place theoretically is. We're not allowed to post anything that would be 'offensive to anyone', which makes no real sense due to the fact that 'anyone' could easily be offended by any remote thing in another person's post, whine, and theoretically get their way. I can't even post some of my arguements on these 'boards' anymore because apparently some people could easily be offended if I even go into slight detail on my topic.


    The moderators themselves, well, they're interesting. I've met 17 mods in the time that I've been on these forums, and can honestly say that it's only 'worth' arguing with maybe 2 of them, due to the others either stonewalling, ignoring, or generally refusing to acknowledge the fact that their ban was unfair (the 2 'arguable' mods being das, and tripsis when she's not pretending to be busy with runescape).


    As I've said before, this forum needs to let go of their 'christian elementary school' ideology. With the average age on these forums being just over 18, and with the general population of non-runescape tif users consisting of 19+ people, this should change.

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