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  1. twr is 99.9% dead atm, and here are some possible reasons why: ~ most of the clans in twr are more interested in rsc popularity and propaganda - some recent examples are dragonwood (beef with poison), downfall on numerous occaisions (envy, bk, ph) which has taken their focus away from the twr. however saying that, the twr's activity has been slowly decreasing over time... since the tourny there has been less declarations, and well less people have been posting win topics in general (in december alone there was less than 20 topics in the twr section of the forum that were active, and some of them were leaving topics) another reason is possibly the decreased activity of clan mods, last year they were always looking to improve the way twr ran, however now they are even letting two topics about the same fight be posted by either side claiming a win but yet it seems that neither of them have been looked at for evidence about who truly won or one of them been locked. tbh half the problem is that laziness inside the twr has become apparent shown here. i mean no offence but instead of asking people to challenge you why dont you challenge them and make the forums active again? clans like cr used to be active, and clans such as tk who closed used it at times, which made it active as there were rivalries that were fiercly contested for months at end. half the clans supposedly in twr dont even have fights and focus on rsc more than they post on tip.it in the main rsc has gained the attentions of most twr clans, and it has gone to the back of peoples minds, only posting on tip.it after the rsc topic is up, and it shows as mainly most topics get less than 20 replies. doubt it will change any time soon so tbh the twr should just end as its dead as it is.
  2. had fun back when i was tpr, was slowly dying unfortunately but i think everyone saw that coming as the leadership decreased their activity. RIP
  3. that vid vs df was when we were inexperienced in pvp :lol: anyway hbd
  4. RIP PKM will be sad to see you go.
  5. WTF MANG saw him last year his voice was epix! anyway my choice would be: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC9knDTlc-Y perfection.
  6. Was kinda lost for the majority of the fight while i was there due to sorting stuff out irl, anyway BLNT TR u did good ;)
  7. Blacknights owait maybe not T0
  8. TBH id like to thank all previous ranks over the past year too! FloginMolly7 (ex-leader), Chobs R2H1, La_Widget, Buzzirox, Absuseless, Maester50, Gochance1 (ex-council), Badger King8(Ex-council & Moderator), Hellz_Taxi, Skinny_9(Moderators), X_Jos_X, Radicafire & Jamba (Advisors) HAPPY BDAY GUISE :P
  9. congratz on your ranks... oh noes lordhotshot doing work :o
  10. Lukeeeeee


    ^^ it didn't help him when the dv rivalry was going down. anyway there are spies everywhere, you may call it NH but well: There is no Honour in this game on runescape dot com
  11. me quitting council: brought in 4(i think) more faces and they do good. :shades: also teh Amateurnoob needz to stopz playingz mw2 it is ruining teh clan aims! :shame: just kidding^
  12. i happened. everton will never recover from my deadly strikes :twisted: :twss:
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