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  1. Why thankyou mister ;) Your blog now has some . Tuesday 26th May Well, i haven't updated in a day or two now, so i thought i'd better get cracking! On runescape news, i've achieved a few levels: 91 fishing, 34 summoning and 82 hitpoints. For the moment, i'm taking a little break from fishing and doing some Pest control for the hawt void you can get Also, if any one has a sharp eye, in my 104 combat picture, you'll see i've bought my myself a beast of a sword ;) 91 fishing: 104 Combat:
  2. Hey, goodluck with 99 fishing and cooking, there both hawt. And here's the for your blog! ;)
  3. If you have the space, go ahead :thumbup:
  4. Thanks for the advice, but does any one who's had them both and tested them for different things, (Eg: GWD, Pvm ect..)
  5. Most cases being? And i may use bgs for boss monsters ect..
  6. Hi there, i am now very close to my goal of a bandos godsword (17m/17.3m) And i was wondering, is it worth buying? As in the aspect of, are my combat skills high enough to make it worth buying? Another option would be a dfs + whip. Please give me your thoughts on this. My combat skills are: 83 attack, 83 stength, 73 defence (i would obviously train it for a dfs) 82 hitpoints, 58 prayer. i'd be greatful for any advice given, thanks. :
  7. Fishing may be afk-able, but trust me, from 81-90 fishing for me, i've made roughly 11m, now some people may say, oh that's actually really good, but no, there are many better ways to make money out there. And i would seriously consider green dragons, they roughly make anywhere between 300k - 500k an hour (depends of levels ect..) Plus the fact there are many good guides out there for green dragons.
  8. Goodluck, i'm sure it will give you great profit and achievement! : PS: If you get any spare time, check out my blog, links in my signature.
  9. Awesome guide, i may now actually try tanking for once :roll: I'll give it an 8/10, well done :thumbup:
  10. Thankyou kind sir ;) Thanks for the comment and support, it really helps :thumbsup: Sunday 24th May Not much has happened today really, been VERY hot outside, which has made it a b-e-a-utiful day! On Runescape news, i've cut off about 200k+ exp! i'm now 211k from 91, it's getting closer and closer by the day! I've also now got 16.3m/17.2m for my bgs ;)
  11. You could easily but the prayer level, or just kill say hill giants ect and collect the bones, btw this should be in help and advice.
  12. Thanks dude, support ftw :thumbsup: Thanks for the support dude, and i must admit, 90 fishing has been a nice refreshing boost. :thumbsup: Thanks for the goodluck wishes, and thanks for the support : Thanks for the support and comments, and it sure is a nice level to have :) Saturday 23rd May Today has been i nice relaxed day, the weather has been good and gloomy but oh well, On runescape news, i achieved 83 strength today, now, i'm not taking a break from fishing, it was just i was 2k away from 83 so i decided, what the hell, may-aswell get it. In terms of fishing, i'm 481k away from 91, a little way yet, but i should soon have it :
  13. Well, when i went on my Black dragon hunting spree, i killed roughly 1000-2000 of them, and i didn't get a visage drop, it's all a matter of chance, this is unconfirmed, but i think if you talk to Oziach while wielding a anti dragon shield, it ups you chances of recieveing one as a drop.
  14. Awesome dude, 92/99 = ftw, i'm so jealous But i'm catching up! (90/99 fishing) can't wait to see you get 99, i will try to come your party.
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