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  1. Changed my name from NikolaiH to Hegelstad, to better reflect my in-game name!

  2. Pretty neat, just found out "Hegel" is ranked 14 overall :) http://hiscore.runescape.com/hiscorepersonal.ws?user1=Hegel | Add "stad" and you got me :D

    1. Hegelstad


      I s'pose thats why everyone calls me Hegel, because i remind them of "Hegel"? :P

  3. Where are you from? Concerning w166 is a Norwegian world :o

  4. I didn't say that you were a troll ; )

    If you read some of the other comments above you, you will realise what i am talking about :D

  5. Congrats, you were my 1111th profile viewer FYI ;D

  6. Totally not! Hence why im not ranked in woodcutting ;-)

  7. Thanks for the support, you clearly understood my situation! ;-)

  8. Wow, you have the most reasonable name on this forum! =)

  9. Norway yeah! Fett med norske her =]

  10. Hey dude, where did you get that stat signature? It looks so awesume oh may gawd!

  11. a bit late but thanks!

  12. a bit late but thanks alot!

  13. has of course set their status

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