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  1. I wonder how many people will make extra accounts and subscribe them, just for the multiplier.
  2. Hehe the moment I saw it I tried putting the numbers 1-99 with a letter a-z so that 1=a 26=z 27=a etc. However I got something like NINYNAV ARRQF LBHF FHCCBFG! I only could make something with NYAN or ARRAV in it :P
  3. First of all, I don't think one could really compare a company like EA or Bungie with Jagex as the offered products are completely different. However when you do compare the companies, wouldn't you agree that receiving a bonus for pre-ordering one of their upcomming games is just like the MLP? For a pre-order you often pay the full price, while when you would wait a week after a game comes out you can often already get the game for at least 5-10 bucks cheaper, but therefore also "less loyal". Anyways, I personally think that Jagex is rewarding people in a maybe a little bit unoriginal manner, but nevertheless tons of poeple are satisfied with the program.
  4. I'm quite interested in doing some dungeoneering in a f2p perm-team. I'm currently level 68 dg and 83 cb. The rest of my stats are in my sig (except 60 att, 55 def) PM me here or in game if you want to team up :)
  5. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/534/zarfotlol.png/ Found this pretty funny. At least 11 people with over 57m Ranged xp have been banned in the past week :thumbup:
  6. Seems like there will be 4 tiers of auras, looking at the pictures of them > first tier has one red dot in the icon, second has two, and there fit 4 red dots on it.
  7. this just happened lol
  8. If you mean by this that less people have reached level 30 or above in dungeoneering than in Construction, then you have to keep in mind that dungeoneering is only out for a year, and therefore is very popular looking at the amount of people level 30 or above.
  9. It's pretty fun! I couldn't find any beta keys except for the Facebook one which didn't work, until I found a key working somewhere: SunTzu
  10. On the note of a new forum, will there be an 8 realms discussion thread? As it recently got into the beta. :thumbup:
  11. As I saw a graph like a year ago about the membership-income of jagex per year, which was at 35million pounds back then, my estimate is that there are 35million pounds : 12 (months) : 4.5 (my estimate of what they would get per month/per player) ~= 800k. As that graph was before free trade + dungeoneering my estimate is that there are currently about 1million p2p/month
  12. Some sort of Tipit (pure) F2p clan would be great :) I'd love to join such a clan!
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