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  1. Kill me pls EDIT: #3.... today... No claws...No limbs...
  2. :D Thanks Stev. Nice to be back to runescape, and to PvM with you again. :wub:
  3. They're right about staking a bit higher. I did 5-10ms went back and forth. I got really frustrated and started doing big stakes. It paid off. Last Tuesday I had a 10m bank. If you add all this up, it's about 2.4b? 10m->2.4b in 7 days
  4. 10m -> 1.1b in 4 days of staking... I swear... Took at least 10 years off my lifespan. >.>
  5. Think I saw you tonight there :o For sure have seen Hydro, he's been there a while. Started with 10m cash 2 days ago. Up to 213m cash now. Here are my biggest stakes: [hide] 85m [/hide]
  6. With similar stats and gear ('cept I used BGS), I killed him with tort + titan (though I think Kyatt is better?) I used piety, and I hear leeching is better than piety. Since you have SS you should be able to beat him. If anything, at least give it a proper go and see how close you get. You can then decide if it's worth trying a time more or two, or just put it off until you get the turm. SW cape is great, you'll love it when you get it.
  7. gg 1 itemer :thumbsup: I was told this was a bannable offense. Is this correct? :S
  8. Yes, because hundreds of servers that can all hold 2k people suck. um.. today in my clan alone ive seen: atleast 5 people lose 1-2 chaotics ea to crashing worlds atleast 20+ die (many had bless accs) at one point high spawn worlds begain to completely shut down for 10 minutes making the graves unblessable ( literally had 0 people in them) world 84 dc'd like every 10 minutes for a whole 2 minutes. that one pic I posted earlier was just one of the hundred dc's today all of which had high risks (50m+ ea & chaotics) heres someone who got blessed and then got dc'd again while looting .. and died again [hide][/hide] this has been going on for more than a week now, with the same pattern all day If you still want to be a smartass and say the servers don't suck be my guest lol A week or so? This same world? Because uh. If it's always W84...maybe people should...stay...off...that...world.. :ohnoes:
  9. I believe that happens near the ending of Mep2 when you are charged with the energy of the death altar, or something of that nature :huh: (Like when you climb on top and a bunch of vengs go off)
  10. Did you notice they're not both his accounts? COUGH? [hide][/hide] 0verprod =/= Overprod :thumbup:
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