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All That Remains (ATR) - Led by Pattywak23 and Antonwarrior

This clan was founded around the Clan chat era with a bunch of friends. It was more of a community but we were on a couple RSB Warring Ladders. Eventually things dwindled down and we closed. Was good fun and I still keep in chat with some people. Pattywak23 moved onto more RSB clans and eventually joined RSD so we still talk a bit =].




Closed around May 03, 2009 (Lasted a little over 1 yr)





IMPS - Led by Piht and myself.

Was more of a w141 team, I tried to make it better, we joined TWR and did alright. Was my first time F2p clanning and I decided to close the clan as I was more interested in the next lvl of F2p warring.



Illusion (ILL) - Led by Greatjackall, Strikecobra, and Scottien

Was interested in more organized clanning and decided to give Illusion a shot because I really liked the forums, IRC, and above all the community. This was one of my favorite clans, was a solid community to participate in. I eventually got ranked Council. The leaders became busy and our activity died down, we decided to close on November 12th, 2009





Masters of Dragons (MoD) - Led by Busterlin

Didn't know where to go after Illusion closed, so I rushed a decision into joining MoD. The clan was very boring compared to ILL's community and I disliked what a few ranks said when people got pumped up in audio, so I left before my FA period was over.


Legacy (L) - Led by The Uh Sas N, Jimmy, Kyak68

After leaving MoD I had noticed Legacy was doing quite well. I was recruited by Pan Nx, and I enjoyed this clan. We grew fairly well, going from free forums to paid for ones and pulling exceptionally well for clans our size. I stepped up and helped the clan when needed and earned a Council rank. We hit a few slumps, and near the end I was annoyed and presented with an offer from Greatjackall that I decided to take a risk with. I left Legacy to make a clan with Greatjackall.







Resilience(Res) - Led by Greatjackall

We started off slow and eventually worked up and had some fun PKRIs. Was a really fun summer. We p2p pk'd a fair amount and enjoyed ourselves in other games. One of the oddest community you could take part in lol. Full of interesting characters. The clan world pretty much hated us lol, we deserved some of it but a good amount of it was due to Propaganda clans built around our name. The staff messed up near the end and threw out the idea of a merge with a p2p team. After a week of vacation I come back and they closed lol. Was a lot of fun and don't regret anything.





Downfall (DF) - Led by Amateurnoob and Oatlad

After Res closed I decided to clan with Dan because I love him dearly. It's been a lot of fun so far and the community is good fun. Only thing I'm missing is p2p pking :mad




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