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  1. Hey man add me on Rs<3 Park Dillon1

  2. arent the leaders of both clans supposed to agree to extend the war to make it uncapped? i guess it kinda looks like you both won/lost in a way. idk tho so grats to whoever won.
  3. i believe there was a topic in the cd about mass binding being considered sniping or not : http://forum.tip.it/topic/266950-do-you-consider-mass-binding-as-sniping/ the general consensus was that it wasnt considered sniping, its up to opinion i guess. but yeah thats why.
  4. Vs Demiros the war rules for this fight were a short prep cwri with ranges and melee binds on. dung and corr off rings on and turrets arena We started off with around 18 people in the portal but the world was pretty bad so around 2 ppl dc'd so when the timer ran out we had 16. this was a little better numberwise for us than the last time we warred them so naturally we did a bit better. at around 10 minutes left they started to leave the portal. was very fun thanks for the war :thumbup: Random pic: happy holidays everyone.
  5. Question Mark. Smiley face (:

  6. [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  7. wow lmao, crashed in cw. i didnt think it was possible.
  8. Yes you can. We can be on the beach without our shorts =)

  9. can i make love to you?

  10. lmao sounded just like daz, "lets effing gooo" epic speech. =D>
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