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  1. Kill bork and do your penguins.

    That should give you enough exp and charms to hit your required level.


    I think I already killed bork once, can I do it again? I need 10k summoning xp.


    EDIT: Just cashed in my penguin points and I got 15k xp, enough for the next level. Thanks for the help everyone!

  2. The time taken to get 23 blues charms, you could easily get enough gold/crims for the level you need.

    However, i see you're 65 slayer so i'd suggest Dust Devils. They drop gold/green/crim which will all help.


    May i ask why you specifically need 23 blue charms? Theres few monsters at level 55 worth using blues on.


    Well basically it was the lowest number so I thought it would be the easiest. I guess I was wrong :(


    Thanks for the tip though I think I'll try to get crimson and green or gold instead.

  3. Hmm, have you planted a cactus? You can pick 3 cactus spines each run which adds up to 7.5k, and you can also plant marigolds/limps, but I'm too lazy to do that on my herb runs.




    Ah I forgot about Marigolds...maybe I'll try them

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