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About Me

Who is Lovelost



After many years of playing runescape, both many friends and enemies made. I've decided to post my first about me page.

Hopefully it gives you a good read.


Real Life Information

Name: Ryan

Age: 19

Birthday : December 20th 1990

Place of birth: Canada

Nationality : Half Black, Quarter Spanish, Quarter White Traces of asian :shades:

Backround : Trinidadian


How it all began:

After comming out of elementary school, at only 12 years of age turning 13 that year. Since my birthday is fairly late in the year and I generally started school quite early. I visited my favorite gamming site, known as Arcadepod. During that time I had just got my own computer for doing fairly well in school and working hard on my studies, so I was rather afraid to install anything on it. One day though, a new game appeared on arcadepod. It was under most popular and it was known as runescape. The picture was of a man standing on a bridge, more or less runescape classic. However at this time, the newer version of Runescape was just comming out. I created an account quickly and ended up in the world of runescape. It was fairly boring for quite awhile. After becoming level 12 I logged out, never to go back on, or so I thought.


In my actual semester of my first year in highschool. I met alot of people, as anyone in highschool it was honestly the most interesting, exciting experience of my life. That year, my school had 2 semesters which 4 classes would be the most interesting I've had in along time. Meeting three friends who are still close friends to this day, Mario, Aljohn, and James. We begin hanging out among a large crowd at school. One day, while in the science lab for a work assignment. Runescape was brought up in complete silence from all others but us four.

Aljohn who made the account Lordz Dragon, which was level 94 at the time, began speaking of the game.

Thomas, Blacklance34 who is currently a Gladz war vet began to play

James, Flipz starx, began playing aswell.

Finally I created Lovelost , and began playing myself.


Later on more members were added to this group

Stephan - Killer die3

David - Zero skull3

Mattew - Aeon master8

Corey - [Forgot]


The Clanning Community:

We all used it for when we couldn't go out, as we were all young, inorder to do fun stuff. We used to train together, pk together and generally have fun one day, while we were all doing our usual pk trip, we saw two clans fighting with a large number of people. We watched in awe as spams were flying people died and binds were thrown. We were all around level 70-80 then. All specializing in some skill or the other. I personally was more or less a no defense pure, since I did not know how to train defense. We realized they were all over level 90 which was amazing to see that everyone was all red. We realized that we would have to train to catch up to these people. I fell behind my friends since I got really bored of Runescape, and began looking at new games to play. One day, while still being around level 76 I found a clan known as KORE when looking up war videos. They stood for Knights of Runescape Empire. I don't know how i joined them. I never joined any forums nor did I ever go on Teamspeak however I went to about 3-4 wars. I realized what a bad clan they were since they never won a fight. I left and never looked back at clanning for atleast half a year.


My clan list:


[GK]Genesis Knights - I came back to the clan world of the mature age of 13 and a half. I was recuited at varrock, not sure by who. It was to the clan Genesis Knights, the first generation led by X icytouch X. This was my first and probably most memorable clanning experience. Genesis Knights was a community to be remembered. I absolutely loved it. I quickly informed Blacklance34 of it, and he joined being level 110 at the time. I met many people in Genesis Knights, Lilj and soulbad from Corr, angeldust and many more. We got into many wars most of which we won. I also began to use Teamspeak for fights whenever I was pmed. I had not dicovered IRC yet nor did I think about adding my leader to MSN. During a fight, our leaders and warlords fell. Someone had to step up. Me with a total of 3 rune sets in the bank, did. Calling my first fall in and leading in an almost already won fight was great. I then began spending alot of time on runescape, and my marks dropped a bit. I was grounded from Runescape, came back and found out that Genesis knights, my home away from home had closed. Heart broken and lost, I was not sure what to do.


After a long break from Runescape...


I came back trying to remember exactly which clans I still remembered from Runescape. I google searched "Best Runescape clans" and began looking through who I thought was good. I judged this by how many members they had and their requirements.


[sA]Solar Angels - I found the clan known as Solar Angels, who I remembered from a P2P run in against Genesis Knights. I took my time and joined them, they were lead by a guy named Grozen55. There were only about 3-5 Members of that clan who actually had a mic. That was myself, Grozen, Cantstopal13, and 2 more that I can't recall right now. Solar Angels was probably the most rubish clan I was ever in. The leader Grozen, forced members to return to fights when he wouldn't etc. I really disliked him and told him on teamspeak after a fight, that he was probably the biggest *censored* of any leader currently running a clan. With that I left Solar Angels.


Enter IRC, Enter Forums.


I talked to Blacklance34 about my experience in solar angels, he laughed quite a bit. He was alot higher of a level compared to myself since we both had different things to do in our free time. Blacklance had joined a clan known as The Gladiatorz, they were ranked fairly high on The Raw listing. I was impressed to say the least, however after looking at the requirements, my excitement turned into distaste. I was way below the combat requirement, and personally did not think "Training" was that important. However I would find it fun to run around wild and kill low level while protecting my rune scimmy. So Blacklance said, that I would eventually get to the requirements, and then I could join. With a small light future, I decided to look for a clan where I could practice to become a gladiator.


*Exit of Wild BHRIs and CWA*


[TDM]The Deathmonkeights - The deathmonkeights....was interesting to say the least. it was really a honest waste of a few months outside of the wars. The removal of wilderness hit about a month after joining. The wars were never short prep like GK had and their IRC was "G rated". Basically to give a honest evaluation of it. If you said "Lmao" you were kicked from IRC. If you said it constantly in MSN conversation (like I did) well, you would get banned from IRC and even Teamspeak. About the fights. More or less TDM was fairly unorginized. We used more numbers since clans that were higher tended to have higher combat. I left after realizing that we only were numbers and not really an organised clan at all. Amazing I reached the Combat level to join Gladz at this time, so it wasn't really a lost situation.


* Enter Trivium309 Exit Lovelost*


[G]Gladz - I recieved an account called Trivium309 from a friend that was Ex Genesis Knights and didn't play anymore it was level 113. The Gladiatorz was probably the biggest letdown of all time for me. Upon joining Gladz I was ready for these large opt fights that would really test me to see what exactly I learnt. I fit in well with the member in Gladz, not so much with the ranks though. Gladz, was in a huge slump, I was not informed of this upon joining. I was 113 combat with 99 mage, ready for full outs. I went to all the war practices, tank practices bind practices etc. Which although I don't really want to admit it but it helped quite a bit. I was attending all the wars, which were matched opts and usually I got dropped in all of them, since gladz would only fight clans who pulled alot less then them, always do matched, and always be more concerned about wins rather then the happiness of their members. When gladz would go to spur Pk trips in BH crater, it seemed they were always unsure of what they were doing, the ranks would always ask the memberbase "Would u like to fight?" and the older school members, who were basically all I hung around with were agrrivated by it, as was I. You aren't a leader to ask questions, your a leader to lead, people would say. Small conversations were brought up in other channels about how stupid some of the leaders were, by angry members. Me being a newer member and listening in to these conversations did not please the leadership. One day Sephiore, a Gladz Rank, brought me into a channel alone, and talked to me about the leadership and why they did certain things, inorder to explain to me their thought process. He was a nice guy, definately. This however did not change anything. After seeing no change in how Gladz generally was, I posted a leaving topic and walked away from Gladz. With three disappointments in a Row. I exited the clan world thinking I would Never Look back.


*A new beginning*


After learning about W17 clan wars, I decided to pay constant visits inorder to keep my tanking at par. I met alot of people there, such as Viking ship, Vannaka, Twin suns17, Gochance1 etc. One day I saw a clan known as Eclipse, who came to CWA and was trying to get practice for their members. I google searched them and came up empty handed on the first few pages.


[E]EclipseX1- I met someone in Edgeville, he was talking about this "eclipse" clan. I asked him if he knew anything about them. He recuited me more or less and I joined through their forums before a war against a clan started. I attended my first war in along time and also got a chance to meet some unforgettable people, Vusasaki and Christ0pher, aswell as Albelso999, Angelz07, Wnxslim, Shawn and Jeff23. Since only about 5 of us had a mic, discussion of a new Warlord came up. Vusasaki and Chris both agreed that I would be the best canidate and appointed me Warlord. I was very happy to lead along side one of my best friends Christ0pher.


* A Short lived dream / Leaving happiness for Friendship*


My happiness of leading alongside Chris didn't last long. Actually it lasted all of 4 hours. Chris decided he would leave for bigger and better things elsewhere in the clan world. He joined Forgotten Templars. Chris, knowing that He could not make a major war in FT pmed me quickly on IRC, leaving the Vent info aswell as his account info. Since he taught me so much about leading I felt obligated to help him when he needed it. I went to Forgotten Templars war, they had pulled 40-50 people against some clan. It was incredible. I was so impressed since all of my high opt fights were always failures such as gladz, tdm, sa etc. This would be my first fight that would actually be interesting. Forgotten Templars won the fight, however by going on chris's account it was probably the huge twist in the future for me.


I became envious of chris, being able to fight in such large opt wars compared to Eclipse since we only pulled 25-30 people to week preps. I wanted to compete. I wanted to war. I wanted to have fun. The fact that eclipse was constantly laced with Drama between the members and myself pushed me even further away. I stepped down as Warlord and left Eclipse joining Forgotten Templars.


[FT]Forgotten TemplarsX1- I joined Forgotten Templars, and once again, Chris disappeared this time quitting RS. I was left alone. However I met alot of friendly people. Dav123, shin soilder, Finish Ed, Griffin140, and many more. They made me feel quite at home in Forgotten Templars. Finally, I thought to myself, a clan without Drama, where I could relax and just be myself. It was amazing, short prep wars, good leadership, nice people, nice community. What else can you ask for? Eclipse officals constantly pmed me, asking me to come back, especially Wnxslim. Wnxslim was a friend like no other. He always supported me in any decision I made. I was having a blast in Forgotten Templars.It was honestly very fun. I even talked to people on Vent when we weren't massing for wars! However Wnxslim's pms always felt like it haunted me. I felt horrible. I talked to the leadership about it, they told me, that maybe I should go help out Eclipse if it ment that much to me. I told them Thanks for understanding, and said that if Eclipse was to ever close I would rejoin Forgotten Templars without a second thought.


* Strong mind, Strong effects*


[E]EclipseX2 - I rejoined Eclipse completely refreshed. With a clear mind and a new mindset I was ready. I started as a member and Eclipse had a new warlord known as brentcoenen, or something like that. He was completely terrible, considering he didn't even have a mic and didn't know what he was doing at all. At this time I became very ill and was hospitalized the day of the biggest war of a known rivalry Eclipse and THOR. Due to his stupidity aswell as an actual leader who could lead not being present we lost horribly, it was humiliating. With that the leadership decided to re rank me to warlord. Due to me and Brent never seeing eye to eye, he left the clan. After many ranks upcomming such as Redshuster to warlord aswell as me to headwarlord. we were set, and stable. Eclipse declared on THOR again. The score was 1 - 1. We were ready to take it. Same size memberlist, same mentality. Skill and numbers would win this fight. Eclipse pulled the most they ever did, 41 to THORs 37 and completely destroyed them. I went to my brothers cottage for a long weekend, and came on msn. Vusasaki the clan leader decided to close the clan since him and albelso999 were going to be inactive.


* The Return of PVP Welcome back Lovelost*


[FT] Forgotten TemplarsX2 - As I promised I was back. Forgotten Templars welcomed me back with open arms.I was active as always and came to every war. I met people like Shuster09 and Titansfan33. We had many rivalries, such as Knights of Order, Rune Raiders, Collision, The clan, Final Resolution, Dark asension, and Echo of Silence, and The Neggas Clan There were many interesting fights both wins and loses. After quite a bit of Drama, and not being removed due to inactivity, I left Forgotten Templars


* A lost puppy in a big Clan world Exit Trivium309 Lovelost Reborn*


[uBH] Unknown Bounty Hunters - Joined due to True 2k8 recuiting me, he seemed like a good guy and UBH always seemed to have a spotless record on RSC i joined after they lost to Forgotten Templars. They were a nice group of people, the forums were really inactive and boring and the whole short prep fights that I really loved were non did not exist. After a short stay I left.


[RR] Rune Raiders - I met alot of people once again, Sic mic, slickmick, play , rhino, and alot of others. They were a good bunch of people but little did we know that the future of this clan would be sealed by Divine Forces recuiting, and Syndicate opening. Rune Raiders took a huge hit and became dramatic between the members and ranks. I left after seeing this as I was still a new recuit.


[THE] The clan - I joined THE since I wanted to try a community base clan, and EH wasn't that attractive to me.The was fun for a short time, the events were quite boring minus the big run ins. Nothing really that fun or that great happened after the THE vs THE rising uncapped run in which I lead in, where THE won.


* Finding Home*


[X] Exodus - Exodus was a great clan, they had alot of good fights and for the first time what seemed like a soild memberlist. We had many fights vs syndicate, Crimson Raiders, THE and even getting up into the higher ranks such as VIolent resolution, The TItans, Corruption, and EH. Unfortunately Exodus made a mistake of recruiting members and ranking them too quickly. They recuited such members as D2master, lukas1400, and others. They eventually left for VR, more slumps happened along the way with key ranks leaving. I was eventually put as a warlord by la hire and funkymunky11. Having only had experience from a small clan leading and old school pvp I wasn't very good. However I did my best. After seeing that Exodus appointed someone warlord who was less then 2 weeks into the clan I left due to their stupid leadership choices.


[GK] Genesis Knights - Genesis Knights a clan I considered my first home was reborn. X icytouch X the original leader was also there along with his brother Whop ass aka hossdelghetto. I joined hoping that GK's community would be the same as it once was. During one of the first wars I had to take a fall in, and from then on became a frequent fall in leader among other people. It was actually somewhat fun. Genesis Knights's leader Whop ass was a hardheaded one though. He more assumed that if you put forth advise or said you would never want a certain position in the clan you were automaticly assumed as someone who wanted power. I left Genesis Knights and oddly enough I left before a huge wave of drama that cause GK to close about a week later.


* Top clans *


[Eos] Echo of Silence - EoS was really a odd step for me, as Exodus had more planned fights EoS was always pking. It was odd and hard to keep up with. I fit in fairly well in Eos, f and found alot of fun in playing other games with them in compasion to RS. EoS became involved in the crash war, they honestly shouldn't have. Nor did they have to. I watched EoSfall apart because of it, going from 60-65 short prep pulls to 40-45 pulls. I was with EoS when they got out of the crash war. One day EoS made a war with The Titans and pulled 80 people to a short prep. It was great. During the time in Echo of Silence I had made 2 previous inactive topics. Due to family reasons/aswell [/color]as my health. However as I was about to make my 4th I decided against it, and instead decided to quit. I was given Special Guest on EoS boards and was on generally good terms with EoS.


*Rebirth to TipiT*


[DF] Downfall - Downfall was in my mind since I was looking for a EST based clan, that was smaller and alot more inactive. That did alot of CWA so I didn't have to replenish my rune set count alot, as I had to do in Echos of Silence. I won't lie, downfall was alright, alot of them members were friendly however alot of their councils bothered me. I began getting in arguements about how we should hold Godwars for the members that came out to the PVP trips, which were slim to none anyways. Downfall began Pking towards the aussie timezone. At around 12est when we wouldn't be able to hit anything, we would have to fight in like Falador in pvp worlds just picking off randoms. During my whole time in Downfall we really didn't have any PVP fights at all, which is not really what I wanted in a clan. I liked the idea of not so much pvp but still a few. The CWA fights were also pretty boring, only about 4 of them were somewhat interesting. The rest we dropped large amounts and it was rather boring.


[TK] Tempted Killers - I quit Downfall since they weren't what I was looking for in a clan. Tempted Killers had just reopened about 3 days after I joined downfall. Upon joining Tempted Killers, it was fairly fun. Pk trips and Different types of CWA fights. Eventually we got into PVP wars, we performed well and dominated clans that were our size. Tempted Killers was stuck in a loop, since there was a huge gap inbetween midsize and large clans. We beat clans like Gladz, Dragon Hunters, TDD, AK latin , Aces of Wars ,etc either on short prep or spur pks. Alot of members however became stupid, crashing wars because leadership was in my opionon being to slack. That was then changed when members were kicked for that. Tempted Killers started having inactive sweeps constantly and moved down to a total of 50 men on their ml constantly pulling 40s which was quite impressive. Tempted Killers decided to close due to leadership going inactive.


*Back to the Big boys*


[TT] The Titans - The Titans Completely avoided the crash war that inflicted the clan world for over a year. I was always impressed by that, not only that though. I always liked how The Titans was, they considered themselves not a part of RSC nor its problems. I introed to The Titans, and was one of the only intros ever allowed on Audio. It was great. I apped for Future applicant and it took 3 months to complete with me attending over 55 events in that time. I was told I was one of the better FA's by Kezzab Reds and Cravez both ranks in The Titans. I attended the Divine Forces uncapped PKRI which lasted 13 hours and I was there the whole fight. I was processed as an IMP and then finally a proud titan.


[TT] The Titans Lieutenant - After a good 8 months or more in The Titans, I was offered a trial rank known as Lieutenant. Basically to step up and lead, this was offered after an uncapped PKRI vs Corruption. My first big fight to first lead with this rank would be the biggest The Titans had in awhile. The Titans vs Runescape Dinasty (who was currently #2 or #3) uncapped PKRI week preped. We all did really well and secured a Victory over RSD within 7-9 hours.



Ranks I've held:

Masters of War - Council

IS - Council

Tko Blitz - Warlord

Eclipse - Warlord

Eclipse Headwarlord

Team Nigeria- Commander

Team Kenya - Commander

Silent Ember - Advisor

Silent Ember - Council

Silent Ember - Leader

Exodus - Trial Warlord

Tempted Killers - Legend

Tempted Killers - Warlord

Tempted Killers - Officer


Things I want to do and have achieved:

I have done many things in RS, and I have achieved many things aswell. Some of the things that I've achieved are:

-3000 Rune sets banked

-700m Cash pile

- 85 range

- 85 mage

- Max combat


Things that I want to achieve:

- 90 range

- 90 mage

- 90 Fishing

- 85 Slayer


Thanks for reading.

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