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    Sigam Nu !

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Hello Tip.It


My name is Brady AKA King Yufei on Runescape. I live in Dallas Texas and Iam attending the University Of Texas at Dallas at the moment. I'm a Marketing Major and I'm almost done with all my basics. I played basketball and football in HighSchool as well as Golf. Iam also a proud member/ social of Sigma Nu my Fraternity.



Runescape History:


Very Long

Clan History :


2003 - 2005 Dark Pheonix Clan - Lord


After a while I don't remember the dates anymore but it goes like this :


The Moratorium - Council

Return From Oblivion - Council

Ancient Guardians - Warlord




The Moriquendi - Member

Phoenix Elites - Member


Lethality - Warlord

Divine Vindactors - Warlord

Lethality - Leader

Downfall - Member

True Ownage - Member

Australian Army - Retired


Now :


Envy - Member

Sigma Nu - God Father

Silent Ember - Retired





If you wish to know more about me please contact me in game or my Yahoo , IRC King-Yufei Or #Lully

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