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  1. SeanyTheSailor


    I see... your eyes are open...
  2. SeanyTheSailor


    What if, I rolled up and posted, saying my day was also pretty chill.
  3. @Tyler: We'll get it. Either you guys will get it while I slumber, or we'll get it tomorrow after I get off work.
  4. Yeah... its almost 10 oclock and I gotta work tomorrow. Ima head to bed.
  5. That dog has almost as much swag as me.
  6. Most guys have a porn folder. Goon has a "That one cat, photoshopped onto everything" folder.
  7. Omg pie. You're totally mus-construing the meaning of that statement and just being all around mean. I demand you remove it from your signature.
  8. If by "stuff her with bacon" you mean, make her eat so much bacon she gets grotesquely fat, it's not a bad idea.
  9. i immediately see a problem with that. It has two uses. And you can't do them both. At least not without much grossness and hopefully shame.
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