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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Wilderness: 2 rocks (far from bank, but with your low level, you probably have smaller chance of being pked, many serious p2p pkers seem to be high level) Dungeoneering dungeon: 3 rocks (needs a dungeoneering level to access, completely safe, lots of competition from other miners) Keldagrim: 2 rocks (needs some quests, pretty close to bank, has some competition too) Heroes Guild: 2 rocks (needs a bunch of quests, no experience with it, haven't actually seen many people bother mining there)
  3. As the person before me said - once you got 1 of each fish in all 4 locations, choose a tackle that doesn't fit any of the fish you found so far and run around with it, until you find the locations for other 2 fish. Then it's just a matter of finding the correct tackles for the last 2 fishes. And as has been mentioned, you can try either joining the Fish Fling1 chat - always full of people ready to help you learn all the tips&tricks of that game - or read our thread on the official forums ?75,76,42,61107228"]here that has several different guides by various people for all parts of Fish Flingers.
  4. Not true. Jagex said you need 3 out of 4 pieces (which apparently includes the shield thingy), so the second would work just as well.
  5. According to Jagex, you get the set bonus either way, and the second set-up seems to have higher bonuses at everything you'll need while ranging. Can't see how the first one could be any better, I'd go with the second one.
  6. My friend has recently finished WGS, so we want to go kill tormented demons together on Lootshare. My stats are in the siggy, he has maxed melee stats and 75 ranged, neither of us has void armor, both can afford expensive equipment such as godswords. We know the basics about what their attacks look like and such, but what's the best way for us to kill them without getting squashed?
  7. I just found a door with far higher prayer level requirement than I had. I tried making a cure potion, but it only restored my prayer instead of boosting it over the maximum. How do I open the high level prayer/summoning doors in dungeoneering?
  8. After just a few slayer tasks, the cannonballs will add up to far more than that. Don't like cannon myself for that reason, losing too much money. That, and no hp xp annoys me too. :(
  9. So I've heard somewhere that while wearing a god item the bandits in desert will never stop being hostile, thus allowing for quick and effortless xp while watching TV or some such. Can anyone please give me some details on that, such as xp/hour, danger/chance of fatality or a guide if there's something complicated involved. Thanks in advance.
  10. That's pretty much what I thought too, but tip.it's bestiary still lists them under undead. Is it an error on their part then?
  11. Was thinking of killing some, does the salve amulet (e) affects them though?
  12. I just got them for Slayer for the first time ever. Got no experience with them, tried to melee them with my whip, got hit 16s, so that definitely won't do. What's a good way to fight them (read: finish this task fast) if I don't have a cannon or enough points to cancel it?
  13. Smoke/Steam runes? I can get one more magic level easily, but I've never ever made combination runes before. How exactly do I do this?
  14. is really, really awesome!

  15. Hey guys, what is the best thing to runecraft at my level? By "best" I mean "fastest without losing anything, preferably profiting" - so definitely no Graahks. The goal is to get to 77 to make my own blood runes.
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