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  1. Haha, I like how I managed to get into the photo. I just realised that my hands look odd in that picture, like miniature feet. So do your hands Leah. Well, awkwardly placed but not odd looking. You wear kilts in New Zealand? ;o
  2. Wow the campaign mode is a let down (SO FAR) But online, awesome. Although, I'll probably get bored of it after a month or so. Level 11 so far :D Xbox gamertag: Aloochip Add me if you want
  3. Why would you want to walk in heels..?
  4. Me too. Yeah, I guess a lot of people can tell when someone's lying. Oh well. I can also play the guitar, yeah alot of people can do that too, but that's my talent.
  5. I can tell when people are lying.
  6. Sam, you have a picture on EVERY page
  7. polyvoree


    Went to Westfield shopping center (London), watched Resident Evil : Afterlife, at the cinema (theater) pretty crap story line, but ausumn actions scenes. Next time I go there, I'm bringing a lot more money.
  8. Yeah okay, Britain is a bit weird, but Seriously.. Your all way stranger.
  9. The support of family and friends will get you through it, they'll help you raise your child and give you tips. Look towards the positives and be happy about it. Take care.
  10. Yep. So freaking childish. I just don't get why they decide to do it 9 years later? It's randomly funny though. Because it took them 9 years to think of it.
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