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    It's not 100% perfect, but it's come out a damn sight better than my previous effort. I've figured out some mistakes I made during the making of this one, and I'll go through those as I go through the recipe with you bunch of nubs :P
    So it's been a long time since I've posted a food porn for you sluts, and I have no excuses, but one explanation. I'm too lazy to record what I'm cooking half the time, or I don't deem it "worthy" of being food porn. I won't lie and say this is the return of my food porn blogs, but if inspiration strikes me, I shall attempt to make you [bleep] jealous of my amazing cooking skills (or at least my attempts).
    Without further ado or explanation, I present The Manwich™.
    First off, the usual ingredients shot.
    [hide=The main batch]

    [hide=Not pictured above]

    Roasted a small joint of gammon for Sunday dinner, and this was left over so I used a few slices.
    [hide=I LOVE THIS STUFF!]

    Garlic is awesome. You don't like it, you can [bleep] off cos it's #1 ya cheeky [bleep].
    Now let's get cooking you [bleep]. Peel and slice up some of that Irish fruit right there, and throw those potato slices into a bowl as such:
    [hide=Like this m8]

    I threw a small amount of oil into the bowl with the potato slices (to make them crispy when fried, as well as to help the seasonings), and then threw in probably 2 pinches or so of salt, pepper and oregano. Coat the potato slices in everything so it's evenly coated.
    A chunk of garlic butter was thrown in the frying pan to sizzle down. You can do this step before slicing the potatoes if you want, but keep an eye on the pan if you do so.
    [hide=Look at that slut starting to slowly melt...]

    Once your pan is nice and hot (but before the butter, or whatever you decided to use such as oil), chuck your potato slices in. I did 6 of them (5 to use in the sandwich and 1 to taste test to make sure they were suitable).
    [hide=See they're not too heavily coated, but just enough for a kick of flavor]

    Once they're nicely done on the one side, flip them over and cook them some more. MAKE THEM LOOK TASTY!
    [hide=What's taters precious?]

    Once they're nice and done, throw them to the side and work on some more of that beautiful cooking.
    On par with my love for garlic is my love for mushrooms. I know they're not amazingly popular, and truth be told, I used to hate them when I was younger, but I started craving them one day and can't get enough since. I chopped all these mushrooms into thirds along the stem, and then into halves from there.
    [hide=Not the magic kind]

    Next, chop up that whole onion. Yeah, onion's [bleep]ing awesome too. I like nice big chunks of it, so don't worry if it's roughly cut. I threw them into a bowl with the mushrooms, and then gave it a decent spray of garlic cooking oil rather than spraying the frying pan itself.
    [hide=This looks like heaven to me]

    [hide=Not mushroom left in this pan ;)]

    Throw them in the frying pan on about a medium heat and stir them fairly consistently. You can leave them for up to a few minutes at a time, but with very little oil/fat in the frying pan, I didn't want them to stick so I stirred about every minute or so. I didn't cook them until crispy or very well done either, I like the mushrooms and onions to still have a bit of oomph to them when you bite into them personally.
    [hide=EVEN MORE HEAVEN!]

    Next up is the ambrosia. The god food. Bacon.
    What kind you use is up to you, but I dislike smoked bacon, and I had this handy instead of the stuff that's designed to go crispy. It's bacon, it damn well works fine either way. I gave the frying pan a spray of garlic oil, as well as each bacon slice a spray too (I love garlic, what can I say?)
    [hide=Awwwww yissss.....]

    [hide=Mother [bleep]in'...]


    And then there's the big boy himself. The steak.
    Now there's a lot of "yes" and "no" to do with steaks, but at the end of the day, everyone has their own preferences, and I've found a way to cook them that works for me and I'm happy with the texture and flavor.
    First off, let the steak warm to room temperature before you cook it. Second, use a very hot pan to cook it with as little fat as you can get away with. Third, only season it when you're ready to throw it in the pan.
    Fourth (and the first of the mistakes for me), I would trim the fat away from the side of the steak. While eating the sandwich while typing this, one of my only complaints is that the fat on the side of the steak is tough to chew through, and while not unpleasant to munch on, eventually took away some of the enjoyment of the steak itself.
    Once the pan was extremely hot (almost to the point of setting off the fire alarm), I coated one side of the steak in a small mix of salt, pepper and garlic granules (haters gonna hate, I've found fresh garlic always burns in the frying pan for me), and immediately threw the steak seasoned side down into the frying pan.
    [hide=The steaks have never been higher]

    After about two minutes, I picked the steak carefully up, coated the uncooked side quickly and placed it back down to cook for another 2 minutes. After this 2 minutes, I throw a small knob of butter into the frying pan (which was still so hot that the butter pretty much instantly melted), and then used that to baste the steak for another 2 minutes or so.
    [hide=Butter me up babe]

    After those two minutes of basting are over, remove the steak from the frying pan, place it in some foil, wrap it and LEAVE IT ALONE! You do not touch that steak for at least 10 minutes now. It needs some time to absorb some lovely steak awesomeness, and you'll [bleep] it up if you touch it.

    After 10 minutes of sitting and absorbing awesomeness, your steak is ready for you to do with as you wish. I cut mine in half to showcase it, but it went into quarters for the sandwich.
    [hide=Look at that bad boy]

    That brings me round to another thing I would change about this meal. As you'll see to come, the steak came out in big chunks, and while it looks awesome, it means that some slices could come without any steak at all. Next time, I'll either shave the steak into smaller pieces to spread it around, make sure there's enough steak to layer the entire sandwich or find another way to make the steak more evenly distributed.
    Now, get your big ass loaf of bread (circular loaf is better, trust me), and slice off the top. NOW SCOOP OUT THE INNARDS WITH YOUR FINGERS AND DESTROY IT!!!
    Final mistake for me. Leave a bit of bread at the bottom rather than scraping it almost too thin, because the edges of the bottom of the bread might go a bit soggy. They taste amazing, but presentation-wise, doesn't look so nice. Leave a small bit of padding to soak up any juices ;)

    Now. LET'S LAYER THIS MOTHER [bleep]ER UP!!!
    [hide=1. CHEDDAR!]

    [hide=2. STEAK!!!]

    As you can see, gaps :( Anyway...
    [hide=3. [bleep]ING LOVELY MUSHROOMS AND ONIONS!!!]

    [hide=4. MOTHER [bleep]IN' BACON!]

    [hide=5. EDAM CHEESE IS [bleep]ING AMAZING, 10/10 WOULD EAT AGAIN]

    [hide=6. Sorry for potato quality. Kappa 123]
    The final layer was some gammon, but I forgot to take a picture of that until I'd already wrapped it up. Damn it.
    Now, you wanna wrap this [bleep]er pretty securely in some foil as such.

    What I did here was throw a baking tray on top of that [bleep]er, and FLATTENED IT FOR ABOUT 20 HOURS! GET FLAT YOU [bleep], I WANT TO EAT YOU IN ONE BITE YUM.
    [hide=Let's flatten that [bleep]]

    After 20 hours had passed, I removed the books, threw the sandwich (still in foil) on the baking tray into an oven for about 30 minutes to heat it up nicely and get that cheese all melty. Mhm...
    After 30 minutes, she came out the oven. She was ready.
    [hide=Bread Pinata]

    And now, for the final glamour shots..
    [hide=A piece not showing any steak]


    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my dinner for tonight, and my breakfast/lunch for tomorrow. Have a good night, because I certainly shall. :twisted:

  2. Dragonkng198


    Sure Jason, you're always trolling, we can't trust anything you say...


    Hey, you shut up! You can trust me if I say I'm being serious!


    What about that time you tried to convince us that Darkwitchery was a dice host?


    She was though, that still counts.


    Good point... go on then, do tell.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have left behind the single life forever. I have doomed myself to a life of enslavement.
    Sally said yes.
    Yes, this is actually serious. I'm engaged.
    I also have pizza, this is a good day.
  3. Dragonkng198
    Why can't ironmen have the G.E?!








    Join us today, and help us get equal rights for the Ironman


    Join the FEminist movement today.


    P.S - We don't need equal rights for ironwomen.


    Props to Kieran/Drazhor for the inspiration for this post.

  4. Dragonkng198
    It's always entertaining to see how much comic sans looks like a kitten trying to roar. Not threatening in any way, shape or form. Yes, completely stolen from something else, but what are you, a cop? [bleep] you.
    So yeah, I made pies this time. Oddish kind of inspired me to do the next installment of food porn. I've done some cooking lately, but nothing too amazing, and nothing I considered posting, ya know?
    I will say in advance that I'm not 100% happy with some of the things in this food porn episode. Some things got away from me, and as such, I'd probably give myself a 7/10 at most, based mostly on the fact that the taste is spot on point. Another thing that irritates me is that my phone camera likes to change the brightness on photos. It's a bit of a [bleep] for that, and I dislike the way some photos have come out, but shit happens I guess.
    Let's begin shall we?
    Obligatory Queen! song for you, this is becoming a thing. [bleep] you, I can do what I want, it's MY BLOG!
    [hide=A Queen! song that accurate represents Jason as a person]
    The usual start to this is the blatant advertisement for ASDA (that's Walmart in the UK for those of you that live in the third world country we know as America)
    [hide=That's ASDA price m8]

    The Willow you see there is a brand of butter. The icky green things are leeks, and the thing you see on the pack of mushrooms is two cloves of fresh garlic, and part of an onion I had leftover from sandwiches. Not pictured is chicken stock, sausages and baked beans.


    So the plan of attack was to make two seperate pies (one for myself, and one for Sally). The first was a chicken, mushroom, leek and onion pie in a creamy white sauce (hehehehehehehehehehehe), while the other was a sausage and baked bean pie, cooked in the tomato sauce of the beans.


    So first things first, we dice up some chicken. I prefer decent sized chunks of chicken rather than small pieces, as they give you something to bite into rather than being more flavour than anything.
    After that, you grab those icky things that are green, and you prepare them. I top and tail them (take off the top and bottom parts), and then remove the first layer of skin so that they're nice and fresh. Wash those [bleep]es, you don't want any dirt flavoring your meal.
    [hide=I guess this green is all white with me. GEDDIT?!]
    You wanna slice those into thinish disks. They'll come apart during cooking, but you don't want the pieces too big. I'd say the width of a finger is probably a good size. I used 2/3 of what is shown here, as I didn't want too much to overpower the chicken. Worked out to just the right amount for me.


    Next, ya prepare your garlic. Sorry vampires, I love me some garlic, so if you're going to come after me, you're in for a bad time. Chop the very ends off, shell the first layer of skin so you just got the white stuff left (RACIST!), and crush it with the flat of a knife. FINELY CHOP THAT [bleep]!
    [hide=Finely chopped garlic!]
    Dude, next I got me some magic mushrooms, like dude. They take you to higher dimensions of reality dude, like totally. Clean them, remove the stalk (you can use the stalk, but I chose not to this time), chop in half, and bam, you're done.
    [hide=Not the drug kind, promise! ;)]
    Now throw all that shit you just chopped up into a saucepan in which you've preheated some oil in. I used a dash of oil. If you've ever cooked, you know what I'm talking about. [bleep] MEASUREMENTS, I'M A MAN AND I DO WHAT I WANT!
    [hide=Cook my pretties, cook for me]
    You wanna let that cook up for about five to ten minutes, stirring now and then until your chicken is no longer pink in any way. Seriously. Pink chicken is bad. You want it white or slightly browned, or you're in for one hell of a stomach ache.


    Next up is some chicken stock, and here's the first part of my irritation. The chicken stock I used was not the kind I've used before, but I figured it'd do the trick. It didn't quite as well as I wanted it to. It didn't thicken, so the end sauce was not as thick as I wanted. It tasted good, but it was runny as all [bleep]. Good for mopping up with a piece of bread, but not good for a 10/10 looking pie.
    [hide=Bring that shit + chicken stock to a boil!]
    Once it's boiled for about five minutes, let it simmer for a bit. Yes, simmer in the juices you slut. Get tender for me. Once it's simmered for a few minutes, add your cream.


    Another irritating point for me is that I picked up the wrong cream by accident. I got double cream rather than single cream. I don't know the difference it would have made, but I made my last pie with single cream, and I preferred that sauce, so the things I got wrong this time compared to last time was annoying.
    [hide=Jason's patented creamy white sauce - PLS NO REMOVE THIS LIONESS]
    [bleep], your filling is done. I made this the night before due to time constraints, and it kept well. NOW IT'S TIME FOR PASTRY!


    Pastry 101 [bleep]. I was making shortcrust, which is very simple. Plain flour, 1/4 flour weight in lard (PIG FAT, YUMMY), and 1/4 flour weight in butter.


    Sieve that flour for the finest in flour, and add some salt/pepper to taste.
    [hide=The flour of my eye <3]
    Weigh out your AWESOME PIG FAT and butter (as I used 700g of flour, I used 175g each of lard and butter)
    Now you know that pig fat? It smells bad, and it feels bad if you touch it. You know what you're gonna do now?


    You're gonna touch it.


    You're going to stick your hand into flour and pig fat, and stir that shit up with your fingers.


    This is the part of cooking I really enjoy. I hate just throwing some frozen shit into a fryer and waiting for it to cook, I love the preparation of fresh ingredients, it's my favourite part.


    Now stir that shit up you [bleep].
    [hide=Stirring as ordered ma'am!]
    Who the [bleep] are you calling ma'am?!


    You stir that shit up more, until it looks like breadcrumbs damn it! That's the state we want it in, looking like fine breadcrumbs.
    [hide=Is this breadcrumby enough Mistress?]
    ... I guess it'll do.


    Make a well in the middle of that with your fingers, and pour in a bit of warm water. Not a lot, you just want to pour in some water to bind the mixture together into a ball which will hold its shape on its own. I can't give you an exact amount here, so pour a little bit in at a time, and work it together. Better to be overcautious than sorry.
    [hide=This is what you want to end up with]

    The pie on the left has pastry all around, it's a full pie. The pie on the right only has pastry on the top, as the sauce for the chicken pie would [bleep] with the pastry as soon as I poured it on. Too wet, not thick enough, recipe for disaster if I do it.


    Not pictured is the cooking of the left pie's filling. I sliced some sausages into thin disks (between 5 and 8 disks per sausage), fried them up, and mixed them with a cold tin of baked beans (they'll heat up in the oven).


    Throw some pastry over the filling (make the pastry as thick as you want it, but try not to have it too thick, it'll overpower the filling if you do), and slash it a few times with a knife. You can poke it with a fork too, but I prefer slashes for the look. This is to allow the heat and shit from the cooking filling an escape route, or your pie will explode.


    No, it honestly will. Have fun cleaning the oven out if you don't leave an escape route.


    Egg wash that [bleep] up, to give it a lovely golden brown look once it leaves the oven.


    .......... I forgot the egg wash for my pies. My only excuse is that I twinged my knee while cooking, and was in a fair amount of pain. I forgot to egg wash, and so my pastry comes out fairly pale. The taste is still good, but the looks aren't as good as they could have been. Sucks to be me, eh?


    Now throw that shit into an oven, and take it out when you think it's done. It's done if it looks like this if you forget the egg wash, or when it's a lovely golden brown if you remember it. I won't give you an exact number, because ovens are pieces of shit for not following cooking times, and mine took well over an hour.
    [hide=More baked than a stoner]
    And there you have it. They can be a bit of a [bleep] to cut, but they taste good. The pastry was a bit flakier than I expected, but it still tasted fine to me. Sally certainly enjoyed the filling on her pie, and mine was lovely too.
    [hide=Side by side]
    [hide=Sausage and baked bean pie]
    [hide=Chicken, leek, mushroom and onion pie in JASON'S HOMEMADE CREAMY WHITE SAUCE! Yes mods, I'm pushing my luck!]
    So there you have it ladies. 2 and a half months after I posted my first food porn, you get another. I'll try to not take as long with the third one, but no promises, I'm Jason, and even though you can't all have as much free time as me, I'm lazy as [bleep].
    Take it easy [bleep]ers, time to enjoy my pie.

  5. Dragonkng198
    Decided that I wanted to do more fresh cooking, so I decided to make a food porn blog for you TIF'ers. You know why?
    Because [bleep] you. That's why.
    You get to look at all the nice things I cook and eat, and I can laugh at the knowledge that your jealous hunger will cause you pain. It brings me amusement to cause pain.
    Let's get this shit started then, shall we?
    One of the first things I cooked up that I'm really proud of was a braided spaghetti bread. When thinking about what I could make for my food porn blog, I remembered that, but I didn't want to do something that I'd already done in exactly the same way. I decided to modify it to create something different instead.
    Braided pizza bread.
    So first of all, you gotta get ingrediants. Where do you buy those? ASDA [bleep]es.
    Strong white bread flour and yeast [bleep]. The yeast was the fresh shit though, wasn't expecting it, so you gotta add 15g of that shit to 150ml warm water, wait for around 10 minutes for it to get all foamy for your ribbed pleasu... wait, what?
    ....Anyway, add that shit to your 500g of freshly sieved strong white bread flour (freshly fried fish fillets anyone?), and mix it up.
    Do it by hand. Filthy, dirty hands rubbing that hard dough into submission. Mhm yeah girl. Food porn.
    You'll need to add more warm water than the original 150g, but I can't give you instructions for that. You gotta work that shit by error, so when your dough is getting slightly sticky (OH BABY), and all the dough in the bottom of the bowl stays in one ball without falling apart, throw it on the work surface and knead that [bleep].
    Pretend it's De Elite One's head. Pound that [bleep] into submission. He loves a good pounding.
    After you knead the dough for around 5-10 minutes, it should come out something as such:
    [hide=As such][/hide]
    From there, you throw it in a bowl (NOW HERE'S SOME COOKING LIFE HACKS FOR YOU! I didn't lightly grease the bowl this time like I usually do, and when I had to get the dough out of the bowl, it stuck badly. It took me five minutes and my nails to get all the sticky bits of dough out of the bowl, while a minute of lightly greasing the bowl would have been a quick and easy job (like The Warrior's mother). Throw some cling film over the bowl for as air-tight a seal as possible, and keep the bowl in a warm place.
    I threw my bowl into the cupboard where our boiler is. This get's fairly warm when the heating is on, so it worked a treat. After two hours, go back to your bowl and you'll find this:
    From here, you wanna knead that sucker a little bit more, because you want it in workable condition for rolling after you get it out of the bowl. Don't knead it for too long though, I'd recommend only for a minute because you don't want to over-knead that [bleep]. You want just the right amount of air in your dough, so it looks kinda like this:
    [hide=Air-Dough rune]
    I sliced off this amount because Sally does not like ingredients which I put into the mega-bread, and wanted a plain cheese pizza bread instead. This is the smaller of the two breads you'll see, so keep that shit in mind. OUR FOCUS IS THE BIG BREAD. BIG BREADTHA!
    Once you got your nice ball of bread, you wanna that shit out into a decent rectangle. "Why a rectangle Jason?! I WANT PENTAGON BREAD! AMERICA PRIDE! 'MERICA!!!!"
    Because I said so you dumb yank slut. Having a rectangle lets you put the slices in the bread for the braiding much easier.
    Once your bread is as thin as you want it, you wanna put slices in your bread. About an inch thickness between slices is good, but more or less than that doesn't hurt. You also want your slices to be just the right length to fold over the bread you're putting your ingredients in. You can see what I mean from the following picture, which already has the pizza sauce added!
    From there, you assemble that slut. Put her together however you want her.
    I added mozzarella cheese, ham, chicken, pepperoni, mushrooms and red onion, but anything works really. Put what you'd put on a pizza, but try to keep it in the middle, and try not to overfill that sucker.
    [hide=Enough meat to sate Darkwitchery (if ya know what I mean *wink*)]
    Once you've assembled your fillings, you wanna top that [bleep]. And no, I don't mean shoot it, I mean braid it! All you pretty girls out there, you know what I mean. Braid it like you would hair. Alternate the strips all the way until you're done.
    [hide=You're done]
    From there, I added egg wash to the top to make it nice and golden brown upon cooking, showered it in garlic granules and sprinkled it with parsley.
    [hide=Bake me like one of your French girls]
    From there, you whack them in the oven AT A DECENT HEAT for 45 minutes or so (UNTIL GOLDEN BROWN AS PEOPLE SAY, BUT I THINK IT'S NOT GOLD, I THINK IT'S BLACK AND BLUE! #teamblackandblue)
    Once you feel your shit is cooked, you bring it out to the glory of trumpets, and a fanfare to make the Gods proud.
    [hide=So golden brown, it's almost racist]

    [hide=Sally's cheesey bread]
    [hide=Big Breadtha]
    [hide=Enough Flash! to sing a Queen song]

    Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you're happy. I know I am, because I'm currently eating food porn.
    [hide=Pure, unadulterated porn.]
    More to follow...
  6. Dragonkng198
    Ladies and gentlemen, Tip.It has been around for a long time. People spend time together talking, and gradually, friendships end up becoming more. Relationships have bloomed over the years that Tip.It has been around, and some of the great relationships live on in our memory. Some of the greats include:


    Tripsis & PureMageUK


    D.V. "I'm getting lucky tonight!" Devnull & Sy Accursed


    Leik & Leik's LEFT Hand


    It is of no surprise to those in the know then, that two of the more famous Tip.It members have finally announced their engagement, and shockingly, have set the wedding date!


    It is my great pleasure to announce the union of Miss Lioness and Blaze The Movie Fan!


    Miss Lioness has long been a fan of efficiency, and after watching the videos of Blaze, fell in love with his masculine voice, and astounding accent. A whirlwind romance followed for her, and she set her flaming heart on Blaze until the end of time. As a moderator, it's unusual for a relationship to be started with a puny user, for of course, moderators are above the common users, on another level, another plane of existence per say. At least, this is the impression we've got so far!


    Blaze The Movie Fan is a lovely, outgoing young gentlemen, who has long made topics to help the users of Tip.It. Well known for his threads in Help and Advice, he pretends to not know the answers to simple questions and gets training tips so that those who read the thread will gain the knowledge that he hopes for them to one day reach his level of expertise. Blessed as the Almighty Steel Dragon Slayer, his renown in combat is unmatched, and his video making skills put him up at the top of the YouTube subscribers list.


    What wedding can go ahead without details? Thankfully for you readers, I have managed to get a sneak peak at the hottest wedding of these days!


    Bride: Blaze The Movie Fan

    Groom: Mike the Lioness

    Best man: D.V. "She's taking second best because I'm always the best" Devnull

    Maid of Honor - Arceus

    Pastor - Steph

    Bridesmaids - Salleh, Woodenfruit

    Flower Girls - Leik, De Elite One, Bxpprod


    Date - 25/12/2014 at 3pm GMT

    Location - Brimhaven Dungeon, near the Steel dragons


    We hope to see you there, so that you too, can witness the beautiful sight of two lovers forever joining their lives!


    As a present of the happy couple, we invite you to take part in one of our voucher deals!



    Disclaimer: This thread is for comedic purposes only, and any and all jokes are not the views of the Tip.It Staff team. We hope that you enjoyed the Christmas gift of laughter, and hope that you and your friends have a very happy holidays to come.

  7. Dragonkng198
    HYT... The chat of champions. The arena of aristocrats. The conglomeration of conglomerates.


    HYT is not the kind of area you would expect relationships to spring up. It does not seem like the place where love blossoms, and hearts flutter at the sight of their loved ones, but stranger things have happened...


    Nearly two years since the last release of HYT Relationships, their have been some shocking changes to relationships, but some things never change...


    Let's see just how much of a change we've had, shall we...?


    Dark Marquis


    Love has no bounds, including distance. A nuclear relationship, the Russian Scotsman recently expressed his undying love for one of the longstanding HYT moderators, and seduced him through a night marathoner The Lord of the Rings. After a whirlwind relationship, they quickly married to the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean. Some fingers have pointed out that while the completionist Mark is an attentive lover (like a boss), he's quick to ignore the gentle Sorator, and can be abusive if he doesn't get his own way. The only response Mark has given to these comments has been "Doesn't matter, had sex."


    Brad Maddox/TzTok-Nomad/Starman945
    Nova Chonos


    While both of these glorious men have no nipples, individuality or sexuality, their love will not be denied. Meeting on Skype, they quickly butted heads, leading to a rivalry on who would steal the heart of "Lucld". After a bloody battle, neither of them were victorious, and in their desperation, they tried to work together, stating that the best man would win. After finding the number of keks that they had in common, the top lels prevailed and they abandoned the quest for Zach, and joined their hearts in loving union. It's hoped that Nova's southern tendencies will not resurface, but Brad has vowed that Nova will not be allowed to see his sister again.


    Darkwitchery De Elite One


    An epic love triangle has occurred in recent times. While it's not sure if this is a better love story than Twilight, it can not be denied that this is certainly interesting. Throughout each of the issues of HYT Relationships, Darkwitchery and De Elite One have been together in harmony. There have been bumps along the road, with DEO's obsession with experience gains, Witchery's obsession with Avantoe seeds and both of their obsessions with donations, but their love has been held together by their love of the money made through Darkwitchery's days of hosting dice games. However, the Irish accent has worn down Darkwitchery's endurance over the years, and she has fallen for Drazhor. Kieran's seductive ways have nearly stolen Witchery's affections completely, but DEO has been fight for her love, and while this epic love saga has not concluded yet, it's sure to have an ending as explosive as Kieran's after missing out on a threesome.




    Kimberly has had a rocky few years, after her marriage to myself, the messy divorce and the subsequent relationship with Drazhor which nearly ended in castration, and things don't seem to have got much better! Solemnis had long held an affection for Kimberly, and finally had the courage to admit it to her one night after a few drinks. After waking up with a concussion from Kimberly's trusty baseball bat, Solemnis kept after Kimberly with attempts to persuade her to give their love a chance. After nearly a year, Kimberly gave in with one condition; if Solemnis wasn't able to keep her heart for six months, she would have full power to dismember him while he lived and strangle him with his own intestines. Their relationship is currently in its fourth month, and all that's been revealed to the general public as of late is that Solemnis insists that Kimberly dresses in a Gardevoir suit, and that he affectionately refers to her as "waifu". It has yet to be seen if Solemnis will survive the coming deadline, and odds are running high that dismemberment will occur in the months to follow.


    Crazy Eric


    The insanity of the Eric can not be tamed. It can not be stopped. It can not be survived... but there is one who can tolerate the madness. Sheepsaurus has long held an affection for Eric's moo, Eric's baa, and the rare occasion of Eric's oink. After a six hour relationship that involved an extreme amount of vodka, the two were married in a Las Vegas stripclub. What will come of their union is yet to be seen, as Eric dodges any attempts to question, but one thing is clear for the future. mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    Serpent Eye


    Upon the long awaited and unexpected return of the Serpent, Tranquil fell to knees with tears of joy. The love they hold for Serpent could not be held back anymore. Years had been wasted in his absence, but now that he was back, Tranquil was determined to make the most of the time they had left. Serpent has reached the ripe age of seventy four, but love can not be stopped by mere things such as age. The banana trick will reign on forever, and the two have been happily doing their thing since the return. One thing is for sure, and that is Serpent had no defence when it came to Tranquil.




    Lucld was just a poor newb with no goal in life. He was sad, he was lonely, but worst of all, he was ginger. The meeting with Gwyn changed that for him. Becoming enamored with Gwyn, he vowed to impress with his amazing boss hunting skills. Advancing with speed through the ranks of Magic, he bewitched Gwynrwyn, stealing his love for as long as the spell will last. While setbacks such as being PK'd by Nex for a set of Ascension bows have made Lucld furious, he has stated firmly that Gwynrwyn is the love of his life, and only he will be allowed to touch his portal gun.


    A Local Guy
    The Warrior


    While Warrior has long stated that he is too good for anyone, ALG recently caught his eye. There can be no escape from bewitchment of the Local One, and The Warrior has decided to try to put aside his arrogant ways of being a jerk, and try to be the man that ALG would love. It hasn't worked very well, but ALG is patient (he must have been to be my lawyer for some ugly business long ago), and the two of them seem to be happy together. It'll be a shame when their love is tragically brought to an end when I personally kill The Warrior in the Wilderness, as I promised to long ago. Never forgive. Never forget.


    Miss Lioness


    Miss Lioness has long claimed that she is asexual, but you can't get more asexual than a raisin. While it's not certain yet what attracts that completionist Lioness to the Dragoon, it's certainly true that sometimes, something beautiful happens in this world. This issue doesn't really know how to explain itself, so it just has to stop. It can only be hoped that Lioness' dreams of burning do not also apply to her boy-toy.


    eejits/Pretoria SA
    Shyla/Lady Heinous


    While the beautiful Shyla has not been around for a very long time, the love that Jess holds for her will never die. Keeping vigilance that can not be matched while hoping for Shyla's return, woe betide the fool who tries to seduce Jess in the meantime. It can only be hoped that Shyla returns soon, before Jess decides to destroy everyone in an attempt to summon the Evil God herself.




    Screams of horror aside, Patrick's love for me is pure and hotter than can be explained. The heat when he talks to me or looks at me is enough to melt diamond. Being between us feels like standing in a pool of lava. Death could be the only expectation from the hot-headed tirade that Patrick would give if you tried to step between him and me. While I am not sure if I return the love and affection he shows me, the dates and gifts can certainly not be turned down. Maybe if he spends enough, there could be a future between the two of us.... it'd have to include Subway though. You never know.


    Fails At RS


    There isn't a lot that can be said. Look at the order of this relationship. There can be no one worse than Mish. That is all.


    Im A Pawya?


    It has never been hinted at, but the conspiracy has always been there. The hidden love letters, the chocolates sent, and the mysterious text messages from "Gambler3"... The signs are clear. Scambler3 is trying to steal my woman. These slights can not be ignored, and the plan is already in motion to deal with this insult to me. Sally has shown no signs that Pambler3 has any chance of winning her heart, but I must protect my manly honour. Prepare yourself Damnbler3, your death will be long and painful.


    There has been many gaps between the last issue of HYT Relationships and this one... perhaps there will not be as much of a wait next time... beware.


    Disclaimer: Please note that not all these relationships may be completely truthful. While most of the sources used for these relationships are reliable, we can not promise that attempts to deny the information found here will not be made. Obviously, anyone that tries to deny these claims come from a communist, and should be shipped out to Russia at the nearest chance.


    If your relationship is not on this list, please contact our editors. We apologize that not all relationships are on this issue, but we have a limited working team, and we will endeavor to get your relationship and pertinent details on the next issue. Thank you for reading HYT Relationships, and have a good day.


    Warning. This voucher may be expired.

  8. Dragonkng198
    Maeror Meror, now known as Apollo, has shown why he is now known as the God of the Sun and Poetry.

    This is a beautiful man. Andy, I think even I'm starting to get seduced at this point.
  9. Dragonkng198
    As a bit of back story, the Tip.It Crewbie Newbie known as Salleh came to stay with me for a week, and during this time... we created Death By Chocolate.
    It started out innocently enough, she wanted to bake with me as I love cooking, and she wanted to try something new, so we made some Brownies from a pre-bought mix one day. They weren't bad, but they weren't special, and you barely got any in the pack.
    We went back to ASDA in the hopes of finding some inspiration on what to make. Those that know me know of my tendency to be over-the-top, so when we found some chocolate fudge icing in a tub that tasted lovely... I had a vision.
    When we got back, we made a test sponge from mix we made ourselves. Basic recipe being 1 egg = 50g of sugar, 50g of flour, and 50g of butter.
    While I don't have many shots of us cooking this one (I didn't think to take pictures), these are a couple I managed to get:
    [hide=Sally and I with the Cake][/hide]
    [hide=Presentation Slice of the Cake!][/hide]
    It was beautiful, the sponge was perfect, and the butter-cream on the top (a simple mix of butter and icing sugar), and some white chocolate chips baked into the sponge, it tasted amazing.
    Of course, I wasn't satisfied. It was beautiful, yes, but it was only the test project for Death By Chocolate, so we started work.
    [hide=I was very professional the entire time][/hide]
    [hide=A large amount of cake mix!][/hide]
    [hide=Half of the Cake, baked with glace cherries, white and milk chocolate chips][/hide]
    [hide=I watch intently as Sally mixes happily away][/hide]
    [hide=Did anyone ask for more butter-cream, and this time, CHOCOLATE?!][/hide]
    [hide=Slather that butter-cream on girl, treat it real nice..][/hide]
    [hide=The Finished Result - Death By Chocolate][/hide]
    [hide=A solo shot of the beautiful and crazy Salleh][/hide]
    We used 12 eggs, at least 600 grams of sugar and flour, and a lot more butter, icing sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder, chocolate sprinkles, white and milk chocolate chips, and glace cherries. While it was probably expensive as hell, it was worth it to spend time with my best friend, doing what I love doing <3:
  10. Dragonkng198
    I have created Food Porn, the first of hopefully many such entries
    This is the recipe used - http://www.rhodesbre...spaghetti-bread
    I had to swap some stuff around, due to it being a U.S recipe, and using U.K materials, such as making my own bread dough rather than using frozen dough

    It's starting to look good baby
    [hide=COOKED, and you get to see sexy me!]

    [hide=A Slice of... H.A.M? Nah, A Slice of Porn!]

    Basically yeah, I am amazing.
  11. Dragonkng198
    After reading through my old blog entries, I noticed that some of the relationships were extremely out of date, and thus, we need new and updated gossip!


    Let us begin, shall we?


    TheKoolKandy and Muffin Maddy - No, he screams on Skype as I type this information. Little does he know that Maddy already has a seduction plan, which she is currently working on with Patrick. She's about half way done corrupting his innocence, and the finale involves a trip to the Cinema to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2. I wish them the best of luck, and have only one thing to ask of their union. Can you see me now?


    Wolf Am I (Pluggy) and Crazy Eric - Eric is weird, but hell, Clare is used to this, she's from Essex after all! It works out fine because Eric already has a pajazzle, and Clare is used to weird and rude guys because of where she grew up! I wish them the best of luck, and my donation to their relationship together is a new born Cow. May you two have much moo in your life together!


    Cafe Diem and Polarbearblu - Skype calls together have worked a bond of love between these two strange, but lovable characters. Polar's mad can be calmed down by the soothing voice of Cafe, and it'll be nice for him to have a woman, he has spent too long dating his hands (and cheating on both of them with Dolly, who I won't go into detail over).


    Tanuso and Quest Cape K - Even in the days when I still thought Tansy was a girl, I knew that these two were meant for each other. Even finding out that Tansy is actually a guy doesn't break this relationship, because Quest Cape K is about as close to being a girl as anyone can while still having male... well, let's not go into details, but you know what I mean. These two have loved each other since first troll, and I wish them both the best of luck in their future.


    Darkwitchery and De Elite One - Not much has changed here, these two still love each other as much as Victoria can love anything that isn't a penguin or chocolate (which isn't a hell of a lot, but considering Deo's face, he should be happy with what he gets!). Their union will finally be complete once Victoria has achieved her life long goal of 99 Fletching, and they will live happily ever after in a little college in Wales, with plenty of nearby sheep, while Deo slaves at his job working for Cadbury. ;)


    Sannibannie and Mish - Come on. Anyone that can't tell that these two are made for each other is blind, dumb, or me! Wait.. Never mind. I know that these two will have profitable lives, but short, because while Sanni steals Mish's innocence, Graardor will murder them both brutally, for all the trouble they've given him over the years.


    Emmace and Sangrina - Still two of the people that I believe are perfect for each other, I love you both, and I wish you the happiest times together, whether that be doing something that you both hate, such as being kind to people, or something that you both love to do, such as corrupting the innocence of billions, while murdering the rest in strange and excruciatingly painful ways! :)


    Dragoon5464 and Tranquil - After the seduction that Tranquil partook in after visiting Dragoon, these two are set for life, and I wish them the happiest of times together, and much in the way of redberry pie and bananas.


    A Local Guy and Sorator - After long trips moderating botters and spammers, and a long night with little thanks, they ended up in a bar together. A shot or two later (both being complete light-weights), their relationship started, and they've never been happier. Both already married to the job, but their love can even beat their love of destroying noobs and muting boobs!


    Dexek and Lanfear/Tay/Twilight_Blade - Tay is one of the most evil people I know, and once she found out how beautiful Derek was, nothing could stop her on the way to seduction and evil deeds. Derek is now under her spell, but I can't imagine that he doesn't really enjoy it, Tay's evil is part of her charm <3:


    Naive and Iiccee - ... I can't go into detail about this relationship, the forums are PG-13, but let's just say that Naive's neckbeard was enough to persuade Frank to give their relationship a chance!


    QueenBlueSky and k a t k i s - Another relationship from Hyt that has stood the test of time, they have been happily married for a long time now, and enjoy moonlight strolls along the beach, romantic dinners, and the occasional serial murder sprees that both have hinted they enjoy so well!


    Drazhar44 and Kimberly - After my messy divorce with Kimberly, she went to a bar to drown her sorrows in alcohol. As everyone knows, where this is a bar, there is a Kieran, and he used the booze to persuade Kimberly to start a relationship with him. I'm sure this will only last as long as Kieran can keep Kimberly drunk, but being Irish, I'm sure he has the experience needed to do such a thing!


    Octarine and Ezkaton - While neither are Hyters, both are well known on Tip.It, and thus, their relationship must be spread throughout the gossip of TIF! I wish them both the best of luck in "The Babecave", a place that can not be explained in Tip.It's PG-13 environment. Good luck guys!


    Lass Sally and Tip It (0 0 Spec Aww) - I know I'm not surprised, with a voice and accent as beautiful as Ian has, and with that incredible body, even the crazy cat lady known to her victims only as Salleh could not escape seduction! I hope Ian is prepared, I've heard Sally has already purchased him a litter-box and she intends to make him use it!


    ForsakenMage and Serpent Eye - Long story short, after a night of comparing incidents of their times owning Hyt, their mutual hatred for chatters in general formed the basis of a relationship of blood, evil and maybe the odd devoured chatter. I know I'm not the only one that is glad that their affections have turned to each other, for both have storied histories of eating their partners after they have grown bored!


    Ambler3 and 999134thpure - Staking. Need I say more?


    Solemnis and Nox - After a romantic plane ride together, these two hot-headed, red-blooded males couldn't resist each other's charm, and they have quickly built a relationship of such trollingness, that even Dragonkng198, the Master of Trolls can not touch them. Fair played gentlemen, I hope you have a wonderful life together!


    Dragonkng198 and All Women That Can't Resist His Charm - With a face like this, even the taken ladies can't resist me. That is all.


    I bid you all a good day, and I hope you remember me fondly, for I shall probably be torn limb from limb after the posting of this blog entry, but know that I died as I lived, with a giggle on my lips, and trolling in my heart!



  12. Dragonkng198
    You know it.


    I know it.


    Skittles are disgusting, evil things, and we need to ban them.


    Work with me.


    I promise to ban Skittles everywhere.


    We can do this if we work together.


    Are you with me? This is what our ancestors would have wanted.


    Do it now.


    Only once Skittles are banned will the fools see the folly of their ways.






  13. Dragonkng198
    Too tired to make story
    Dat loot tab of 9 Polypore Staves (too lazy to use #10, keeping it because I can)

    Ohhhh yeah. Seeds in order, first thing in the tab is spirit, and then from there, magic, yew, palm, papaya, watermelon, fellstalk, torstol, lantadyme and snapdragon. :twisted:
  14. Dragonkng198
    Hello users of the Tip.It forums.


    You are cordially invited, to the union of two evil souls, to form the Anti-Christ.


    Kimberly has graciously accepted my proposal for marraige, and as such, you are all invited to the blessed event.

    There will be cake. (which may or may not be a lie)

    There will be death. (What wedding isn't complete without a little MURDER! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :twisted:)


    The staff present are as follows:


    Bride: Dragonkng198

    Groom: Kimberly (She wears the trousers in the relationship.)

    Best Man: Omnitec

    Maid of Honour: Ezkaton

    Vicar: Salleh

    Bridesmaids: Neddykins, Cowman_133, BloodAngel and MageUK

    Flower Girls: Sangrina and WoodenFruit


    The event will take place on Friday the 13th of September (I don't care if the 13th isn't a Friday, I said it is, and who's going to argue with me, when I have your life in my hands... and your spleen.)


    It will take place at 6:66pm (7:06pm), and will be held at the Chaos Elemental in world 18. I hope you all come, and bring your most expensive items. You can trust me. I'm your friend. :twisted:


    This will be the wedding cake:


    P.S - Kimberly is going to murder me for posting this, so please don't expect me to be very responsive until I'm revived. Thank you. Have a nice day. Please try the fish.


    P.S.S - I realise this is my fourth marraige in a row, but frankly, I'm a bigamist. Deal with it. <3:


    P.S.S.S - The Game.

  15. Dragonkng198
    Disgusting, aren't they?
    I want to ban them from the World, have them stamped out.
    In fact, why just want? Let's do it!
    Join my Campaign today to ban Skittles!

    Be worried though.
    Ashley will devour your soul if you support.
    I will devour your soul if you do not support.
    Good fight your soul.

  16. Dragonkng198
    Heh.. I have a loan out with Provident at the moment, which means I pay them back a certain amount each week for the cash in hand they gave me when I started the loan.
    I have always paid them back without fail. I HAD 100% credit rating.
    So my parents have loans out with them too. They pay back at the same time. To make it easier, I give my dad the money I pay provident so he can pay them all at the same time.
    Today.. money is looking a bit dire. I've been debating getting £100 to put in the bank, just so I have some money saved in case I need it for bills, food, etc.
    I talk about phoning up. Oh, you want something Dad? What's that..? You've been paying reduced or nothing for my loan for the past few weeks?
    I understand that money has been a bit of a [bleep] in the last month or so, but I'd have appreciated being told that I'm technically in the shit with the loan company. It's not your money to decide that you will pay lower amounts or nothing each week. I'd have probably been okay with it with a big of pre-warning, but it's my damn money to do with as I want.
    Thanks for screwing up my credit rating. I phoned today to enquire about the loan, and it was declined because of this reason.
    If this counts again me in the future, I'm going to be pissed off.
    On a happier note, my mum has "loaned" me £100 of her savings. She said to pay her back £10 every 2 weeks, and the advantage of this is that I don't have to pay the likely £60ish interest that the loan company would have charged.
    I've also moved into my new room today, moving up in the temporary housing :) Well ahead of schedule, I should have a flat of my own within a few months ;)
    Ah well :) You're all awesome <3:
  17. Dragonkng198
    Damn it people, do you know how much effort goes in to making one of these blogs?! Barely any! I'm just so completely corrupt that the words just flow from my.. fingers. Mhm... anyway, I have been nagged and insulted and whined at that certain "people" weren't on the list, so.. here is Hyt Relationships 2!
    Iiccee (Frank) and Muffin Maddy (Sugarbabenumbers) - Here would be the part where I'd normally write about how Frank seduced Maddy with his amazing voice, his gorgeous body, or some other assest. Sadly, this isn't the case. Maddy has suffered from a head injury, and the following concussion has made her believe that she is madly in love with Frank. We hope that one day, Maddy recovers and sends Frank packing, but until then, may they have many a good time at the Cinema.
    Drazhar44 and TheKoolKandy - Irish and French. What a combination! I'd love to see what the kids look like.. Draz is obviously sleeping with his clan owner to try and get a higher rank ;) Not much can be said about what started this relationship, Draz could seduce anyone he wanted, even the innocent, young, french Kandy. ;)
    Iiccee (Frank) and 2noob4you1 - Wait, what? I thought even 2noob had enough standards not to do this... Heh, I guess Frank must be paying him by the hour, 2noob isn't on the Forever Alone list for no reason ;)
    2noob4you1 and A Local Guy - After the first Hyt Relationships blog post, 2noob and ALG went drinking to drown their sorrows at their inclusion to the Forever Alone list. Many shots later, and a night that neither can remember, 2noob woke up in bed next to ALG. Throwing caution to the winds, they started up a relationship, and have adopted Codguy as their mutual child.
    0 0 Spec Aww (Tip It) and Dragonkng198 - I knew nothing about this until one night, he snuck in to my room, and then... the rest is history. <3:
    Kiuko and Nekyia - Kiu better be wary. He may have stole Neky's affections from me, but I'll have Neky back. SOME DAY, SOME TIME! NEKY IS MINE!
    Iiccee and Iiccee's Right Hand - Need I say more?
    Leik and PopeDevourer (Hi Mono) - I thought that Pope was on the Forever Alone list, but after a bit more research, it turns out that he is in a secret relationship with Leik, who we believe may have head injuries to rival Maddys. That, or she was seduced by what we've heard about Pope's hair. More information is needed on this, but you don't want to know more information on what these two do alone in Daemonheim together.
    Lady Plug and Hugger 88 - This is what you get when you talk about me Pluggy! Now you're married to the Huggable Hugger of Huggingness. :twisted:
    Quest_Cape_K and SoFProd (Bxpprod) - On the day of the next name change, he shall now be known as QuestProd, after doing some "prodding" of Quest_Cake_K. Have fun together, and may your XP always be ruined by newbs that can't Dungeoneer. <3:
    Sannibannie and Dagannoth Rex - Why do you think Sanni got those three berserker rings that trip? Rex proposed, and Sanni said yes! We wish them a happy life together, and hope that Sanni can resist Supreme's amazing body.
    Iiccee and Iiccee's Left Hand - Poor Frank, bet you wish you didn't insult me now? <3:
    Forever Alone List
    *Disclaimer - Iiccee sucks. That is all.*

  18. Dragonkng198
    So, you join Hyt, and you find yourself in an enviroment filled with love? But who loves who? Hell, even I barely knew, so I made it my buisness to find out! After painstaking research, here are the results of the Hyt Relationships!
    Sangrina and Emmace (A Mace) - If you've seen my blogs in the past, you've probably seen the blog that announced the marraige of Emmace and Sangrina. Both two of the nicest chatters, they both have secret lives as evil, corrupt people, which were highlighted in my previous blog. These two are going strong, and I have the feeling we will see baby Maces running around very soon!
    Naive and ForsakenMage - This relationship came as a great shock to many people, but I was never surprised. It was obvious when I've talked to both in a Skype call that they were head over heels for each other (but which one wears the heels?!), and after a long discussion on Skype one evening, they decided to declare their love to everyone. Now, you can barely sit in a call, listening to them, due to how much Ami has corrupted him. Naive is Ami's "teddy bear". One can only wonder as to what she means by this? I suspect there are rude implications. ;)
    Darkwitchery and De Elite One - ... This was a surprise? Heh. These two have been in love for an extremely long time, and Witchy constantly corrupts what is left of Deo's innocence on Skype. While Witchy's love for Irish Men is well documented, De Elite One can do a passable impression of an Irish accent, and thus, seduced Witchy's attentions.
    Ms Julie and Ezeepancake (Zeei) - Their eyes met across a dusty plain, and they knew that they were meant for each other. Corny music struck, and now these two are inserperable, plotting their new dominion of terror.
    Rend (Trollenstien) and Crazy Eric - A mutual relationship, Rend is all that Eric seems to love, and the level of commitment that Eric shows Rend is hard to resist.
    QueenBlueSky and k a t k i s (Katkis) - It must be love, love, love! A relationship that happened in the same kind of way that Emmace and Sangrina showed, two of the nicest chatters have hooked up, and are currently in the process of getting a new flat in Lunar Isle (due to Katkis saying repeatedly that Queen is magical for him). Ewwwwwww ;)
    Shyla and Serpent Eye - Come on. How do you think he got the chat leadership when Shyla left? I won't go into gory detail, but let's just say that this relationship is corrupt enough even to sicken Salleh.
    Gwyn and Stev (Wicked) - This marraige was based on efficiency, implying that I think they spend less time on "relationship" issues, and more time gaining that XP! Ohhh yeah!
    Hi Merc (Sunny Day) and Hi Ramo (347) - I've heard Ruler's voice. How could he not have seduced anyone he wanted with a voice like that? Poor Sunny didn't have a chance of evading him. I wish them plenty of luck, and many a Merc and Ramo in their future efforts. ;)
    999134thpure and Alper Bacon - 999 staked against me. The stake was whoever lost had to marry Alper Bacon. Fear my superior PID 999. ;)
    Jehosaphat and Wyvern2000 - It must be love! Loveeeee, looooooveeeeeeee! Nothing more, nothing less, love is the best! *drum solo* *guitar solo*
    Dragonkng198 and All Female Chatters - Enough said really, I am a ladies man. Come get it ;)
    Forever Alone List
    Hi Mono (PopeDevourer)
    A Local Guy
    Disclaimer - Half of these relationships are fake. Half are real however though. Be very afraid. There is no way of knowing.
    Disclaimer #2 - This is the result of boredom. Be afraid really, I am evil. There is no telling what I shall do next!
    <3: <3: <3: <3: <3:

  19. Dragonkng198
    The good news is, I'm getting a place of my own :) Moving out in just under an hour now!
    The bad news? No internet access :| My time on TIF, RS and so on is going to be very limited for the forseeable future, so don't be too depressed when you don't talk to me for ages ;)
    Just a heads up to let friends know <3:
  20. Dragonkng198
    I vote to start a campaign to have me as admin!
    If elected, I promise to make reading Twilight a requirement to join Tip.It.
    If there are no spots currently open, give me Cowman's spot!
    Thank you!
  21. Dragonkng198
    1/5 of my Ganoderp goal done, which is to have 100 Polypore sticks banked saving all loot apart from Mushrooms and Neem ^^ (Current price check is 85m+)
    The gems are mainly from Bork, the herbs from farming (or ROW drops) and the runes from doing some barrows as well as Wicked Hood :D
    The herbs and seeds are in order, and the 3 rune ore and 125 mud runes are from randomly killing a Patriarch that Octarine called <3:
    So yeah :P Making bank, stuff like that, kthxbai, I love you all <3
  22. Dragonkng198
    <3: You are cordially invited to the wedding of Emmace (A Mace) and Sangrina3! <3:
    These two have long had an on-off relationship, mostly due to Emmace's reluctance to give up his well earned bachelor status, and Sangrina's refusal to leave a Smithing Anvil for more than thirty seconds at a time. However, a compromise has been struck, and they will now tie the knot in true Runescape fashion!
    Emmace is a long standing member of the Brotherhood of Farming Assasains, and is widely considered to be one of the most handsome males in existance. He has well earned the reputation of having no mercy, as his favourite method of asssaination is 'Death by Secataurs'. He is wanted in many lands, but half of those lands aren't for murder, but rather so that princesses and the like can kidnap him and force him to marry them.
    Sangrina is more mysterious, being from a far land somewhere in the depths of the Wilderness, and was raised on violence, only to give up her murderous ways and join the Monastery of Smithers. The more violent aspects of her personaility have been buried as deep down as she could manage, but those that have irritated her in recent years have gone missing with no evidence or reason why.
    The ceremony will be based in the Chaos Temple in high north-west of the Wilderness (symbolising the deep-down but volatile tendancys of both the bride and groom to dismember people that annoy them), and will take place on the 2nd of Febuary (Groundhog Day rules meaning we can relive the service over and over and over again with no consequences!) at 6:66pm GMT (7:06pm technically, but 6:66pm has more of a ring to it according to both parties).
    Groom - Emmace (A Mace)
    Bride - Sangrina3
    Vicar - Serpent Eye
    Father of the Bride - TheKoolKandy
    Best Man - Iiccee
    Maid of Honour - Darkwitchery (Woodenfruit)
    Bridesmaids - Muffin Maddy, Shyla, Cowman133
    Limo Driver - Rainy Day
    After ariving at the Chaos Temple, the couple will be united in wedding rites that well fit their evil, corrupted and meglomaniac personailities. The exact details won't be announced until the actual service, but we can promise a lot of blood!
    We hope to see you there! :twisted:
    DISCLAIMER: This wedding will be extremely dangerous, and the risk of losing your life, sanity or goldfish is extremely high!
    DISCLAIMER #2: This wedding is actually fake, as any that know both Sangrina and Emmace know that they are both secretly in love with Dragonkng198, and thus, would not marry anyone else in the hope that they will one day be able to claim him!
    DISCLAIMER #3: Moo!

  23. Dragonkng198
    I've rediscovered my love of watching Twilight movies while listening to Justin Bieber. This takes up all my time, and thus, I have been absent. You can understand though, right? ;)
    Ah, in all seriousness, just a general little bloggy thing to explain to those of my friends who care (you know who you are Frank. Don't try and hide your feelings for me!), I haven't been around much the last few weeks due to general feeling under the weather in terms of my mental health. It's not as bad as it once was, but I just haven't had the motivation to get on the computer most of the time.
    That being said, I'm going to Dublin, Ireland! :D Flight leaves in a few hours from posting this blog, and I'll be there for four days for a little break :) I shall see you all after that (around Christmas time) where I hope to start playing again properly, corrupting peoples virtues, and just generally being the all around drop dead gorgeous guy that I am. ;)
    Jason Clayton
    Dragonkng198 (also known as Draggle)
    PHD in Slayerology, Corruptyoursainity, and Manslapperititus
    University of Dragolia
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