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  1. Rarest cape in the game, congratulations! :thumbsup: Especially amazing as you where playing the game for about 4 years before slayer was even released!
  2. The wiki says they do stack, 320 xp per shark. Idk xp per hour.
  3. I think most people would say blue/green dragons for money at your level. Idk exactly how much you can make, somewhere between 1 and 2m an hour? (Much much more than 150k, lol). Also do farm runs, i think rannars/toadflax are best at your level? You could do slayer as well.
  4. Looks similar to a problem iv been having with Open Gl. Go to custom setup and make sure it's set to Software/Direct X. Hope it helps!
  5. The Quest was fun. I loved sailing and the HG2G reference :D.
  6. Ok i think thats what ill do. Thanks all.:)
  7. Yeah but it always seems to come up as a good alternative to the best way these days. I was mainly wondering whether i should do black jacking or monkey knife fighters. Probably monkey knife fighters. Anyone answer my smithing question?
  8. Monkey knife fighters are level 70. Should i do those, or do you need a higher level before they become efficient?
  9. I need to train my smithing and thieving levels for the new quest and i'm wondering how i should do it. Smithing: I don't want to break the bank but i would like to do something a bit faster than gold bars. I have 19m to spend and i make about 2m an hour. Thieving: Basically i'm looking for the fastest xp per hour at my level. Thanks in advance!
  10. With juju potions sanpdragons are the best (at you level), everyone takes the seed into account. Without juju potions i think toadflax are the best profit.
  11. All very good articles this week. :):thumbup:
  12. Congratulations! :thumbup:
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