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  1. LOL

    Well if you're into dressing up...

  2. Welcome back Willlllllll<3

  3. Hello Mister Ascension.

  4. I got it from a cupboard in your house actually.

  5. I have no idea! i drunk some magical juice and BOOM i changed.

  6. Well what can i say... i'm a changed person ? ;)

  7. uhm uhmm... i'm not sure, you could try just believing it?

  8. Wasn't sarcasm! TRUTH! :3

  9. I'm back now Fuzzy <3

  10. Hmm.. i wonder who this "clan world" is! ;)

  11. Orly now?! By whooooooooo? (:

  12. Co-Leader! i'm still working on getting that rank for ya ;)

  13. Do not remind me please!

  14. You're a boss.

  15. I don't think i've read something with so many colours.. like ever O.o

  16. Hi Fuzzy :)

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