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  1. Hey,

    School's been going pretty well - the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here over the past couple of days. How are you? I hope everything is going great! :)

  2. Happy Spring! I hope all is well with you!


  3. Just noticed we're exactly the same age. Birthday buddies!

  4. Northern Virginia (when I'm not at college) - it's a pretty nice place, comprised of a bunch of suberbs/towns. Lots of diversity in people, but not quite as densely populated as a full-blown city. Traffic does suck though, especially during rush hour. People tend to live here or further south (where houses are cheaper) and tend to commute north to work here or in D.C. I'm about 15-20 min away from Washington D.C. Weather is fairly decent - hot in the summer, cold in the winter. Located on the mid-atlantic so no real extremes in temperature. Plenty of things to do here and the school system (at least in fairfax county) is rated quite high on the national rankings. Overall, nova is pretty developed, but as you go further south/west, you'll start seeing familiar sprawls of countryside found in much of the southern part of virginia.
  5. Ditto what tripsis said - I was also 15 when I first became a mod :P
  6. Do you have the latest version of java?
  7. For those into that kind of thing - more incentive to spam.... *edit: but um yes, congrats to the trainees :) *
  8. Exactly my thoughts. Check the existing thread for all things north of the 38th parallel.
  9. Interesting... had I not booked my summer already, I might have decided to go back to p2p for a month or two :P
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