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    YA I agree the whole must play at the start of an hour or nothing is terrible. I barely play an hour a day so its been hard to rack up points in this event. 

    Since today you can start a game penalty-free (once a day) which is not in the first 20 minutes of an hour. 



    Although the Godless' current run of wins started one day ahead of this, it looks like having the penalty-free time is really helping out.

  2. Well there is certainly no correlation linked to the Mask of Granite for a specific charm based on the following numbers: 


    Task - 284 Gargoyles


    70.4% No Charm (200 kills)


    12% Gold Charm (34 kills)


    4.6% Blue Charm (13 kills)


    5.6% Green Charm (16 kills)


    7.4% Crimson Charm (21 kills)


    There may not be a correlation between the mask and getting a certain type of charm, but the numbers in my first sample (be it a small one) were significantly outside 3% of a well established norm (11.6% Blue being 4.6% outside of 7%).

  3. It seems there is a significant change in Charm rate when wearing a Mask of Granite.


    Typically, according to the 150k+ log on RS Wiki, the rate is as follows: 74% No Charm, 9-10% Gold, 5% Green, 5% Red, and 7% Blue.


    Wearing a Mask of Granite for a task of 198 Gargoyles yielded the following:


    68.7% No Charm (136 kills)


    12.6% Gold Charm (25 kills)


    11.6% Blue Charm (23 kills)


    4% Green Charm (8 kills)


    3% Crimson Charm (6 kills)


    The most significant finding is the increase in Blue Charms.


    I am going to get another Gargoyle task and update with more findings.

  4. Well then, the players a doomed to lose. There is too much commitment needed to the event vice skilling, slaying, etc.


    If it was something like half of RS players do one round on Tuska each day, we might stand a chance. Not to mention the whole timing thing. If you want to do it, you have to start in the first 20 mins of the hour. If you don't make yourself log in at an appropriate time, you start doing other things that you don't want to or can't stop for this event.


    I know most of that has probably already been said, but wow.

  5. Saradomin = Old Testament God. Respect or Smite.


    I think Zamorak wants chaos out of an understanding beyond the typical connotation, but does not understand what that would truly entail for the world, so definitely needs to be kept in check.


    On topic for the players and the world event though: looks like another day for Tuska. It is about to become a runaway.

  6. I saw the mention of Warpriest... I assume you're talking about the drop rate for the armour.


    I am not going to complain if the up it, but I just did an Aviansie task of 157 and got 2 pieces of Armadyl WP armour. It took me only 2 tasks to get all pieces of Sara WP armour from Spirit Mages.

  7. I assume the site needs more people who can program and work in the site.


    Unfortunately, I cannot provide that. What I can provide is a donation, so what would be considered significant in terms of the site's operation costs?


    I've been using this site since I started playing RS back in 2002 (despite what my forum date says), and I would like to keep it going.


    Doubt it is linked, but what if Tuska is linked to the Dragonkin's plan of destruction for the world...

    That would be a hard link to make since the kin dont have a plan to destroy the world particularly..just the rage caused by the use of the stone of jas



    It has been quite awhile since I have read up on the dragonkin's plans, but the whole "destruction starts in Edgeville" post-RoM wasn't a part of their plan to tear the world apart?


    I know this is off topic of Tuska, so something related: I can't believe I am going to have to take part in this event for over 10 days just to build up the points for rewards. Honestly, I don't have that kind of time to consistently devote to RS.

  9. Really excited about his month , however one thing has me worried : ' These raids feature stealth elements ', please God no, why do they keep adding stealth activities in quests. With the tick system they just do not work, isnt it enough they ruined Dishonor Among Thieves without ruining another quest with them.

    Agreed, stealth is just not a good integration.


    Look forward to the dragons and quest. Hope I will even be able to kill the dragons with any efficiency.

  10. Does Morvran only offer his slayer challenge once? I read that he does on Rune Wiki, but I cannot find any verifying information anywhere else.


    To be fair, the wiki could be saying that each boss has to be killed "once" but it is misleading.

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