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  1. That is a very good laptop, and I would reccomend something like it. It is pretty much my laptop, except I have a bluray player and a 17" screen. I think that the screen is too small. But I would definitely buy that one mate.
  2. I look forward to this. RuneScape is boring now, and I feel that Mechscape will be amazing. I will be playing this game a lot when it comes out, and will be a P2P player on the first day. If only I had no life, I could be a Zezima.
  3. I do apologise, I never noticed. Sorry.
  4. Arguably the funniest video ever. Warning: This has a lot of brutal language. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IE3KdcTgrno
  5. Woah. I really did not know there was such a thing. Seriously, that desk is awesome. I have no ideas to be honest, but I wish you the best of luck. I would go with that desk though, if it is within your budget.
  6. Welcome to tip.it. I have joined recently also. Nice community here indeed.
  7. What an update, I must say. This inspired me to register. Good move by the administration.
  8. Try using smartrestore to put your computer back to an earlier date. You could lose some data if you choose this. You could however, reformat your computer which would make you loose everything. But I love a reformatted computer, so fast and clean. I wish you luck.
  9. is a chicken feather!?

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