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  1. dont think it'll affect f2p much, except clans hat uses the "G2h + rage" switching Combo during M+B+R wars
  2. I haven't posted on tip.it for ages lol, I think I was known for "wasting resources" by doing a simple "thumbup" on every single topic... anyways..... What do you do? Do you play the game or do you just log in for wars? My situation is VERY complicated, and I don't want to explain it to detail. Basically, I have some real life responsibilities which prevent me from being complete active or anything close to it. I did actually try to "quit" recently for numerous reasons, but a few of my closest friends talked me back. Someone has told me a while back before to play on weekends and not quit for good, so currently I'm doing that. Occasionally I might be online during weekdays, but I'm usually doing other work instead rather than playing Runescape. If you was a Clan Leader, would you focus on your members just coming to wars or encourage them to try new skills and to play the game more regular to get involved with the community? Definitely encouraging them to get more involved with the community. The community of a clan is often the key that keeps members loyal and active (or at least an attempt of being active). Do you know anybody who only logs in for wars, and if so do you think it's good or bad? Why? I know a number of people like that actually, especially after my last clan closed due to leadership issues. I wouldn't call it a simple "good" or "bad" ... just ... whatever works best for them is what they should do.
  3. Happy Birthday Poison, Hope to see more of you! :)
  4. Shutai

    U Mad?

    How do you feel trolling affects the clan world, both on a local (your clan) and global (clan community) scale? The two clans I've been in.... Tempted Killers: 8-10, We get trolled all the time, it's kind of fun to read when you are bored. True 0wnage: below 5, although the Founder is a big troll. (<3 you Jack.) Global, both tip.it/rsc: 10 How do you feel about clans that flat out ban such behaviour? I don't mind. Do you feel like there is an imbalance in how trolling is accepted? If so, how do you restore the balance? I read them sometimes, it's funny.
  5. +1 "Runescape - MMORPG - The No.1 Free Online Multiplayer Game" I'm poor irl.
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