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About Me

Hey, I don't know if anyone actually read this thing, but I'm bored so yeah. Anyways, I'm George, live about 20 minute drive to 16th street towards DC......and that's all ya'll need to know about my IRL.

On Runescape, Well I've been clanning for a while, officially or unofficially, I'm not famous or anything.....people probably don't even know who I am, but I'm not really an "attention - magnet". Which I really hate.....


Clan History


Tempted Killers:

Well, I started officially Clanning like when Tempted Killers first opened....on a Christmas. I've only been in a few teams before. I started out a rookie like everyone else, don't really know much about CWA or PvP, had no experience, but I stayed with it and learned alot from experienced members, no names mentioned :P. well if I had to give out some names...probably.....blueguy323 started me on it....Vannaka...khaloude( <----LOL) Nykimu..Nathan and ....Mikk :) TK had a huge break down that I've been through, Ray and 2bad left to make a new clan....... I basically been through it all in the old TK..... from intro, to FA, to full member, to Honored member ,to old - school, and to FA manager before it closed with about 84 man ML.... Well I was really sad when Tempted Killers closed, and I was on the edge of quitting this game. But someone said something on the closing topic like.." you can either cry and quit, or go get some more experience and wait for it to re-open." That really made me stay on this game.


True 0wnage:

A lot of my friends joined Divine Vindicators or Crimson Raiders after the closing of TK, or they just hang around in teams claness....and sadly like 30% of the ML quit RS and haven't been heard from then. I was looking for a newly made clan, and my friend Aznkid531 told me about True 0wnage, and I had other friends like Vita 619 and Ultra Primal in it, so I app'd and joined. I was criticized by a lot of friends in choosing to join a "LGZ Vet" clan after TK has just closed. Especially the ones in Divine Vindicators back then, it's weird how I stayed with t0 with half of DV on my friend list :blink: But look back now it was a good choice. I was promoted to Council Months after joining t0, I was fairly surprised actually, didn't expect it at all. t0 has a GREAT community, lot of friends and friendly people on forums. T0 was doing great, we were on the edge with pulling 30's on week prep, since it did A LOT of Cwa matched, it definitely improved my tanking/sniping/binding skills. and then there is another Winter break....TK re-opened........


Tempted Killers Re-opening:

Well Nathan finally decided to suck it up IRL and re-open TK, Mikk came to support, and a lot of old - school re-joined. We all miss Nykimu being in Tk though :/ just a thought there..... Anyways I was promoted to Council like 2 days after TK re-opened alone with harnam, IMB, and partiboi. Leo, Ryan, and Glen joined later on and became the warlords, and that's when TK had the strongest leaderships. There was good time and bad times, and I stayed and always will stay with TK no matter what happens.




Silent Ember:

First introduced by a playoff...yeah ik whatever......Definitely and GREAT team, used to pull around 50's on short prep weekdays. Lead by Kevin and jst, and Ryan(most of the times). I enjoyed every bit of it, although I did get kicked once.....cause I was too inactive <_< . Things went right....like really right until Tk re-opened and there started to be beef going on within the team, sadly I had to leave due to a executive decision made by TK officials.


TKO Blitz

What can I say lol? The best CWA team there is. I haven't been there for long....didn't even get pass trail member before I got kicked...... I don't blame them tbh....I was too inactive due to IRL problems. Still today I'm really tempted to re-app again, but really....my activity isn't good enough.


Team Laststand

Lead by Nav :D didn't really work out so well. "No DK No LS" was running around in everyone's mouth at times, due to our Leader highly relying on Dk's Derek in pulling straight 120s "out of out ass" - as he would say. Nav had to close it because of a reason I think is not appropriate for me to say to the public......and when it re-opened it didn't really make as big of an impact.......


Flip Flops

Didn't really get to war with them as much, there was like a 200 man ML straight up 120s, their war was mostly out of my timezone. I'd say that they had a lot of friendly people in there, loved the community in IRC.


Legacy Kingdom

Basically a re-make of Team Last stand. It is a good team with a nice community so far, not much to write about since it's only been open for 1-2 months.

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