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  1. That is exactly what I meant - the picture was just a bit of a 'dummy' humour if you will (I'll show myself out). 


    Is there any trick to dummies, like with divine setups the more people the more experience, or extra experience to be the one who sets it up? 

  2. My collection of these has been growing across many skills - but are these even worth the time? Certain skills more useful that others?


    Anytime I've participated in a dummy beating it seemed pretty minimal in terms of experience.









  3. Nice!


    New find that I couldn't find on tip it - Medium clue scroll


    Anagram: IM KROM


    Leads to Rommik located in the crafting store at Rimmington


    Challenge scroll: "How many rocks in the Rimmington mine cannot be used to make bronze?"

    Answer: 10


    Thanks again!


    EDIT: The challenge is actually on tip.it and is correct, but the anagram is not there


    I never paid too much attention to the lore and everything of Runescape, especially in the past few years - but I always thought Saradomin was more popular? Was I mistaken or was there a shift recently? Didn't Sara's side beat Zamorak in the first world event too?


    Sara was more popular but then they actually included him in content and he was an utter self-serving dil bag - basically begs off as regretting doing bad stuff then immediately does it again plus very much a my way or I smite you kinda guy.


    Like even frigging Bandos recognised different people had different ideals and respected you for it, but Saradomin don;t believe his exact brand and he goes all smite crazy on you.



    Aw, that's disappointing to hear. I always thought Sara = Good, Zammy = Bad, and then there's Guthix in the middle.  Probably should do a bit more research and at least find out what these newer gods are all about while I'm at it.


    Thanks for the insight.

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