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  1. I am pretty sure that the illuminati operate under a rule of two. At least, that's how it was back when I was a member.
  2. It's funny because we already scaled back tremendously. I am still pretty sure that your problem is with both high-level and high-power games.
  3. System apart from DnD < Lol
  4. They're just trying to kick you in the pants before college.:)
  5. As to the Savage Worlds thing, I am going to be out of town this weekend, but during the summer holiday, I am up for more sessions per week.
  6. Hard to discuss with you when you're not online on steam,
  7. Well I would rather not have options eliminated because of race
  8. Well if I am understanding correctly, this is in the same world as previous, and there was a cat that founded a house. With vested bloodlines, it is not necessary to be physically related.
  9. Summon ally on a water elemental is a veteran power.
  10. Ah, fair enough. Pathfinder is a pretty high powered setting
  11. I don't really see how dungeon crawling and the reasons above (aside from the computer thing) are mutually exclusive. And I think we already went over the story thing.
  12. I thought the point of dungeon crawl was that if we smashed through easy parts of the dungeon, we'd level, but there'd be progressively more difficult monsters, so you don't actually need to artificially boost weaker monsters. It would become obvious when we reached some sort of equilibrium level (say we were level 10 and fighting CR 16s regularly, but not utterly steamrolling).
  13. +1 to Alg's thing Only thing I would suggest is point buy, so you can choose what concept you want. And I would suggest a concept first, because if it's underpowered, we can just optimize it up the wazoo and it should balance out in the end (trip bard anyone?). Optimization being the means to an end.
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