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  1. First of all i would like to make it clear i am not intrested in warring/pk clans at all. Now thats clear ill give a bit about my past/ stats what i'm looking for etc. Rs name: Nathan Nffc Stats: <RuneScript> *** [ NATHAN NFFC ]: Overall 2,407 | Att 99 | Def 99 | Str 99 | Cns 99 | Range 99 | Pray 99 | Mage 99 | Cook 99 | WC 99 | Fletch 99 | Fish 99 | FM 99 | Craft 99 | Smith 91 | Mine 99 | Herb 89 | Agil 99 | Thief 97 | Slay 99 | Farm 89 | RC 99 | Hunt 72 | Con 95 | Sum 99 | Dungeon 92 Timezone: Gmt ( i can pretty much make any time of events unless irl things happening) Runescape/Clan History: played runescape on and off for around 7 or so years. Favourite skill has to be mining ever since i made this account i wanted to get it to 99. In that time ive been in pretty much every kind of clan there is including alot of war clans which is why it doesn't intrest me anymore. I have also been in a fair few skills clans aswell being majority of the different ranks in there. I also am looking for a clan with an active irc or clan chat I will look forward to reading your offers
  2. not been on here in a while but thanks for the birthday wishes

  3. not been on here in a while but thanks for the birthday wishes

  4. Happy birthday :D

  5. nice to see people starting from scratch with pures and such things good luck
  6. skill clan it clearly says no thank you not interested in warring
  7. well ive recently just quit a skillers clan after 10 month of being in there seeking a fresh new clan. The only requests i have from you is It has to be Gmt friendly (as i am from england) has to be a relaxed enviroment has to have an irc channel (i use this the most) I prefer if you have skill months/races aswell as possible skill wars from time to time if you require any more infomation then don't hesitate to ask i will reply and look through each persons post before making my desicion good luck :)
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