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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Consider that 2nd'd. ^_^

  2. Happy Birthday ;)

  3. W00t! I am now an author for the Tip.it Times :)

    1. Jonanananas


      Now, I think it would be time to polish my profile a bit >.>

      It has been left in the dust for the last few years^^

  4. Thank you! :) I'm glad I finally decided to do this :P

    Looking forward to working with you ;)

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes lol =)

    I don't hang out in the tip.it forums apart from the times discussion thread so I was totally not expecting that :P

    It was a pleasant surprise =)

  6. Submitted my entry for the tip.it times contest =)

  7. doesn't know what to write ;)

  8. just finished his first try at a guest article!

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