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  1. happy b-day guys, there's a vid on youtube of us fighting you guys and you pulling 50 to our 26...:P
  2. I enjoyed reading the couple of chapters of your history I got through, look forward to reading the rest :)
  3. Frankly I find it annoying that a clan considers you second-rate if you don't pvp. We all have the choice to pvp if we like, it's not up to you to decide our place based on where we fight.
  4. How far is too far? Once real life is affected, as mentioned above. This is a game, and it should stay that way. What can be done? You can't let things slip by that your friends/clan-mates do; the bystanders do a ton of harm. Have you ever experienced this personally? Nope, I'm part of a smaller clan w/o the drama :) Do you really think it can get worse? Yep, like you said it can go up to someone seizing someone's bank account. That anecdote from above about someone holding someone's e-mail acc ransom almost wants to make me stop being in clans so that my family isn't affected by idiots over the internet.
  5. gratz FD, and like above, never seen the Sabres war Oo
  6. Out of curiosity, do you allow multi-clanning? And the drop-letters for the first three paragraphs spell WTF :D But really nice thread, that is awesome :)
  7. Just wanted to use that title :P I have a better one, but I'm saving it for that dream day of mine:P Gratz DW, nice pulls Downfall :)
  8. Respect to you guys for deciding to close now and not risk that inevitable slump and decline :) people'll remmeber you well, RIP
  9. 1. Would you leave your clan if you felt that important aspects of your clanning experience such as "friends, having fun, community" became deteriorated? Nope, they have already. When you're in a slump there's always that temptation to leave, and I've fallen victim to it before. But there's just something about my first clan that makes me stay till the end. It's probably that I'm a nostalgic fool, but it's also probably because I see that one member trying hard and I know we can succeed. 2. What factor is it that makes you stay in your current clan? The people, the effort I've put in, and the friends who hang around in the cc. 3. In your honest opinion, would you say your a "Number 1" or a "Number 2", and why? In my honest opinion I am a Number 2. Even though I've left, that was truly just to shop around; nothing compares to the hominess I get in my clan. Even though we're in the biggest slump ever that we might not pull out of, that doesn't mean I need to quit; stay till the end and I'll feel good about the fact I didn't quit. :) I have no doubt we can turn this clan around, especially with some awesome leadership. And I definetely wanna be there to see it :)
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