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    Probably plundering a pyramid.
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    Philosophy, politics, near eastern studies, lingual studies, global studies, religious studies, psychology, law, drawing, abstract art, painting, jewelry, relaxing

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I'm really weird but I guess that's what makes me interesting. I am an Aramean ethnically, religiously I am an active Maronite, I speak English, Italian, Arabic and a dialect of Aramaic called Suryoyo. I'm usually around my parish as I'm in charge of a ministry and I use my position to constantly hammer in the point that youth activity in social justice is extremely important. I educate children theologically, I conduct the altar servers and I coordinate them in acts of charity which I require them to partake in at least once a month, ranging from writing letters to soldiers to planting flowers on the parish/school property. When I'm not busy at church, I usually keep myself busy with fencing, ballroom dancing, playing violin, painting or soliciting for a political party. I enjoy appreciating art from any period and hope to one day become a patron to "nobody" artists.


In Fall I will begin to attend NYU, and hope to eventually obtain my JD.

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