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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. First post of 2013 in clan videos :shock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoVAAGW00jo
  3. On December 4th 2003, a sexually frustrated, naive fifteen-year-old was killed in the wilderness while collecting chaos runes. He was furious, and swore revenge against all PKers. And that is how The PK PK's was born. But that name sucked, so on the 6th of December, it was changed to The Wilderness Guardians (which also sucks). Nine years in one topic is a difficult task, so please open up only the bits that interest you! Our nine-year history in a paragraph Why we should even matter to you Accomplishments we can be proud of One photo from each year of our history, since foundation Three quirky videos that will make you smile Of course, I finish with an expression of thanks. No clan exists in a bubble. We are the way we are because of you guys. Thank you for nine wonderful years, and we look forward to many years to come.
  4. Fire with Fire (2012). Don't be fooled by Willis on the cover - it isn't *that* epic. A little too generic with the storyline, but still a fairly good watch. 4/5. Universal Soldier - Day of Reckoning (2012). Little bit of a disappointment compared to The Return and Regeneration, but not totally a waste of time. Had some good action scenes, and Van Damme/Lundgren don't fail to deliver with what little time they're allocated. 3/5.
  5. The Kings of IRL are back. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqLcnMoagZQ It's been about a year since last RuneFest, and WG was getting bored. So, we started prep for our tenth real life meeting to date. But this one was going to be a lot different. This time WildGuard took on the real-life wilderness. We rented out a camping barn in the Peak District of England. Three days without electricity, water or heating. We scaled the third highest mountain in the Peak District. We cooked food on portable stoves and none of us have died so far. We got extremely drunk and... you don't actually want to know. Overall, it was one hell of an amazing weekend. Genesis... the standards have been raised.
  6. English literature classes persuaded me to write a poem. The title has no relation to the clan. Solace At the end of my garden where the grass grows untamed There is a little picket fence Moss-covered wood, tormented by years of rain and snow The vines curl upon the fading white paint And a little swinging gate Who lets no one but me pass into the shadows And if you walk long enough, you’ll find the glade Where towering willow trees stand strong and silent Their tendrils drape undisturbed In the early autumn afternoon, with no wind nor rain The cyan of the glade calls to me I rest my head upon the bark of a willow tree And listen intently as silence speaks its wisdom A mushroom sits alone near my hand Somewhere beneath, in the depths and darkness of the earth Lie the decayed bones of someone I never knew Who was called to the glade just as I Maybe an aeon ago I wonder if the trees spoke to her too If they told her to find the stream And into it pour her golden nectar To watch it glisten in the light as it runs over the rocks Illuminating her face as she smiles Then the years went by And what was once her magnificence now rests in silence and death She was a ghost, a memory that I never knew There are millions of mushrooms in the glade Far too many for me to count You still ask me why I spend my time with the owls Why I choose to stare deep into the eyes of the Beast In fascination Why I do not barter the devouring of my flesh for a brief moment of ecstasy Better to let Her feast on the dogs And ignore me as I pass on by, Her appetite is satisfied The rats are content with their sewers They never speak of better life Never try and fight for the surface Never flee from their darkness and damp I watch the young lads in their overalls As they scurry about the harbour Tending to the ship that takes our brothers overseas To suffer pain and death for some greater good They paint the union jack upon the bow Glorification of this grand coffin
  7. Batman Begins & The Dark Knight. Hadn't seen them in a while, decided they're worth a watch again. 4/5 for BB, 5/5 for TDK. Dorian Gray. A similar theme to Macbeth and Frankenstein, which I both enjoyed. 4/5. Die Another Day. I am actually a fan of mindless explosions and gunfights, even if a film lacks in other departments. 4/5. God Bless America. It had it's good and bad points, but I enjoyed watching it. 3/5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. If the Batman trilogy didn't overtake it, I'd call this the film of the decade. 5/5. Star Trek Nemesis. For some reason this was apparently the worst in all the Star Trek films, but I enjoyed it the most. 4/5. This Means War. I would have enjoyed it a lot less if Chris Pine wasn't in it. It got a few laughs out of me at points though. 3/5. The Da Vinci Code & Angels and Demons. Both brilliant films, 5/5 each. Johnny Mnemonic. You can't help but smile at the technological side of things, but Keanu Reeves gives a good performance. 3/5. Point Break. Moderate, nothing special but worth a watch. 3/5. The Avengers (1998). Such a good cast but such a letdown of a film. 1/5. Equilibrium. Brilliant film, and I don't care what anyone else says. 5/5 because Christian Bale is awesome. The Fugitive & US Marshalls. Both above-average and worth a watch. 4/5 each. All the Die Hard films. 4/5, 3/5, 3/5 and 4/5 respectively. Hell Ride. Skeptical about this at first, but it turned out to be pretty good for a biker film. 4/5. Sin City. A masterpiece. 5/5.
  8. The Great Train Robbery (1903) This is what happens when you try searching for Action movies from the decade 2000s, but accidentally click 1900s instead. For a 12-minute silent film with a $150 budget from 1903, I was pretty impressed.
  9. Firstly, a shoutout to Rob/Omegastomper, a real life friend of mine who today beat testicular cancer. The Reckoning, June 20th of 2011. WG members sat in silence upon the gilded benches of His Lordship's throne room. The anticipation of the Reckoning, waiting for the stroke of midnight. The excitement of our first forum switch in years. The awe of the vast structural changes that awaited. And the re-opening of the junior clan, the Descendant Guardians. I remember it like it was yesterday. True enough, we didn't have the luck our predecessors DG1 and DG2 had. DG3 opened into a decaying clan world, and it has not been an easy ride. Even to this day we struggle with numbers, action and fights on our level. But we never stop trying. So many people said we couldn't compete. So many said 2011 was no place for a junior clan. So many said that we wouldn't last. I could not be more proud that we have proved them wrong. Today, DG celebrated our first birthday. Never before has the clan survived to see it's 1 year anniversary. We had a huge anniversary celebration, which lasted over four hours. Barrages were cast, cabbages were dropped, steel was tanked and bank loot was made. It was by far the most fun I've had in quite some time. Stage One: Battle Royale After some work, we got the Citadel battlefield set up and went to work killing each other. Stage Two: One Night In Cabbage Honouring the age-old tradition, we decided to cabbage-bomb the GE. It got quite the reaction. Stage Three: Steel of Legends Ah, steel wars, they're too much fun to die out. We invited our allies BlacKnights along for a nice Wilderness fun fight/ Stage Four: The Rebirth I seriously need to stop doing drop parties. WG and DG members now own 10m of my wealth. ~ And so the first chapter of Descendant Guardians comes to a close. It has not been easy, but it has been one hell of a ride. But this is far from the end of our story. A final note - we would not be here today if it wasn't for every other active clan out there. To BlacKnights, The Sabres, Downfall, Divine Forces, and everyone else who still masses up for some fun - thank you. Maybe the clan world isn't as glorious as it once was. But that doesn't mean it's not worth the time we put into this game. Thank you for giving us our first year - here's to many more yet to come. The Descendant Guardians - #1 Junior Clan[source needed] Memories of June 20th 2011-2012:
  10. Yup, I added that in as an annotation :rolleyes:
  11. It should be noted in the "items required" that the hammer in a player's toolbelt and the Golden Hammer will NOT work. Spelling error in section 4: "southw-estern" should be "south-western" 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune could be added to the rewards section.
  12. Another one for TS's list. F2P has maple bows, but no maple trees. They also have yew trees, but no yew bows. This has confused me for years now.
  13. Granted, you have travelled back in time to the moment before you wrote the reply. However, in an inspiring act of nobility, you decided to suffer writing it a second time to save another innocent poster from enduring the pain and anguish that you have already experienced. I wish Die Hard 5 would be released faster.
  14. Banned because Chrome is just Firefox but you keep wondering where the hell all the toolbars went.
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