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  1. Damn right on man, thanks a lot.
  2. Can anyone refer to me a list of ~all the required items to complete any lvl 3 or elite clue?
  3. [/hide]That sucks :(. Manage to get your items? Make sure to come to our TD mass later and get some claws. :P Been trying some staking..addicting [cabbage], but fun. Managed to break even so whatever. [hide] [/hide] The guys who friends chat it was kicked me and the other guy when it happened, but the other guy was a friend of mine so he went and looted my dh pl8/whip among other things. I also managed to lose my 4th ring of vigour XD Oh yeah I'm coming tds later :)
  4. Just my luck, I was trioing sara when I lobbyed for a bathroom break. I come back and hit login, nothing else, and the damn thing swapped worlds on me.
  5. I bet you use a raw chicken on it huh? Quick unspam:LS'd dmed, see my luck.
  6. Some dg pics, hide the first one pls Brb binding pl8 over ssh: Best key yet: Cks:
  7. Just potted to kill an Edi, no pics of the drop cuz my comp is weird :( altho i got a blood neck :)
  8. My computer only takes pic's have the time, apparently it didn't get the original.
  9. Not gonna get jagexed again, damn my mind went from 0 to 60 miles an hour in no time.
  10. Horribly dry and unlucky here, seeing Stev's pics almost makes me mad. I only see it as two more missed chances at claws. EDIT: WOW THE POS LUMPS ARE 800K EA.
  11. Str on my first main, magic on my 2nd acc.
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