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Well. Wonderful.

Means we can't do most of the games we like.

Whoever's been reporting arch? Thanks for using a nailgun on the Taverns coffin.

Who do you [bleep]ing think?


Who ever reports anyone here?


It's Resistance.


Congratulations Hex, you've finally killed the Tavern. I hope you get hit by a van.


I would add to whoever deletes this post, I really am disappointed with you folks. There should be no pretense of universal, fair hearings on the internet; someone who pops up directly after a rash of flame-spam from new accounts, following the recent and well-deserved banning of a longtime troll and wannabe-member of our little community (one of which expressed interest in repenting and joining a game), and with their first post tries to join an obscure and niche roleplaying group within an almost completely unrelated runescape fansite should at least strike you as suspicious. Of course, there's no REAL evidence, since his IP address is completely different, as it's not like that can be changed like said banned member was discussing with a member of this subforum before he was kicked out. And certainly his displaying of the same mannerisms, expressing of the same interests, and trolling THE SAME PEOPLE is just a coincidence. I'd say he admitted he was Hex in an IRC game, but there's no record of that.


You can't even recognize the trolling in his current posts. I'm downright ashamed to have ever been among your ranks, in the last year you seem to declined to a terrible degree. Or maybe I've just become a bit wiser.


Say hi to Randox for me.

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