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    You forgot the "Y" at the end of the second word. But other than that, congratulations for figuring it out!

    Hey, ALG, got a prize for this guy?


    Oh, yeah, almost forgot about this bit.

    For those wondering about the name we came up with for Shinies. Warning: Wall of text

    *Snip'd because my quote didn't register hide tags*

    I think I love both of you

  2. Found this.


    Since you claim you're already going insane from playing Vietnamese Crystal, I don't see how this could possibly cause any further harm. Enjoy! Maybe it can serve as grinding music or something. It is rather catchy.


    And here's something else, assuming everything goes well.


    Oh, and congratulations on sweeping Falkner/はやと/whatever he's called with a Metapod. Take this one all the way! But then again, badass Bugs are a huge Nuzlocke cliche now. Especially Butterfree. Ah, just make sure people know of DELAN, who swept a Gym Leader while unevolved. *huge round of applause for DELAN*

    Yes, I typed this up at 5AM, so if this post sounds sillier than usual, that's why.


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