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  1. Would I be able to kill TDs at a good pace with my current stats? I plan on getting 88 Summoning within the next day or two. Planning on getting Rapier / CLS / Maul, not sure which yet, within a week, too. Expecting Turm within a month~ . Could I kill them now efficiently, or should I wait until I have all those thingies I mentioned? I'm aware that the latter is far better, but if I could kill them well right now, I'd get busy earlier :D Edit: Spelling.
  2. The price being the only inconvenient aspect for me, I'm sad that I won't be able to go :( I'd even be able to crash on a friend's house if I was to go :D And that VIP ticket really sounds unique :P
  3. Stews, or, Spicy Stews, are up for grabs after the Evil Dave RFD part. Different colored spices give different boosts, ranging from -6 to +6, although +6 is extremely rare and should never be relied on. In this case, you'd like Brown Spices. My point being, they aren't buyable, and unless you have a Cat or a Wily cat, a pain to get. As for getting boosted levels for longer, I'd say the Berserker Curse is your best bet, although I'm not sure if they work on Stews.
  4. I put up an offer for 10k Grey ( Not Red! ) Chins at around 2 PM today, GMT, along with 100 Prayer Pots, 4 dosed. 7 hours after. 12 Chins bought, 0 Pots. Just telling you :P
  5. Monster that dropped Clue: Steel Dragon Level of Clue (If 100% known): 4 - Elite -- This scan one was in the Fremmy Slayer Dungeon, in a spot not mentioned in the current guide. I noticed the arow isn't there anymore, sadly, but there's still the chat to confirm I'm 1 pace away from the dig spot. It would be 1 South from my current position. This spot is between the Cockatrices and the Pyrefiends.
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